Monday, May 19, 2014

#VegaOne #VegaSport #FuelYourBetter Electrolyte Berry Hydrator product review

This month I was able to choose a VegaSport product free for blog review for the #FuelYourBetter #sweatpink campaign. I picked the Electrolyte Hydrator and I'm so glad I did!!

It's by far my favorite #VegaOne #VegaSport product I've tried!! It came in Berry flavor and is zero calories; dairy, gluten and soy free. 

My husband and I have both tried it many times while doing yard work, being outside watching sports events, and after our workouts.  I really felt like it helped me stay hydrated. The taste is not strong in a bottle of water-its like drinking light flavored water-and there was no weird after taste.  

This will be a product that I buy for my personal use once I run out because I really liked it!  

The Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator helps "replenish electrolytes and minerals; enhances metabolism and alkalinity; and provides antioxidant support." 

To read more about #VegaSportHydrator go here:

A box of 30 packets retails for $29.99 on their website. 
You can purchase it here and it comes in Berry or Lemon Lime:

How do you stay hydrated after a workout or when you're working outside? 

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