Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Momentum Inspirational Customized Jewelry-review, discount code and giveaway!!

This month I was able to review two jewelry pieces from Momentum company. 

I picked out a single Foot Note and a Suede Cuff Bracelet. I got to pick from a selection of choices to customize my pieces.

The shipping was very fast and the quality and selection choices are amazing!!

This is a picture of my Single Foot Note. I picked the saying "Stay Strong" so that every time I looked down while I was doing strength training or cardio workout; I would be inspired to go a little longer. It has totally helped and has made me smile these past couple of weeks. 

It was super easy to re lace my Asics Cross Trainers and apply the Foot Note. 
See the video below on how to do it. 

Here is a video on how to lace up and attached the foot notes: 

This is my Suede Cuff. It was two snaps to make it tighter or looser, depending on how you want it to fit on your wrist. I LOVE this bracelet!! I can wear it working out or anytime I want. I picked the saying "Yes You Can" to inspire me to not give up and that I CAN do it!!

Here are some pictures with my Momentum Inspirational Jewelry Pieces. 

This is a picture of their wrap bracelet!! I ordered one of these and should be getting it any day now.

Check out their wrap bracelet color selection-isn't it pretty??!!! They just added the turquoise color this month!! 

What I love about these pieces, is that you customize them to fit the saying that inspires YOU the most. In fact, you don't even have to pick from their choices. You could customize it with your own saying or even your name!! 

Momentum Jewelry was very generous to offer my readers a special discount code GGS158 . Good for 15% off your total website purchase from April 15-July 15!!

Next, I'm able to offer a GIVEAWAY!!! 

One lucky reader of mine will get a 
Wrap bracelet 
(you choose the saying and wrap color!) 
OR a Foot Note!! 
(single or double, you choose the saying!) 

Isn't that exciting??!!! 

Check our their website and pick out what you want to buy or win, then enter my contest below: 

Giveaway open to US only. 
Winner will be notified at the end of the contest and have 3 days to respond. Good Luck!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 2 of Body Pump/TurboFire hybrid personal calendar

Just finished week 2 of my personal Body Pump/TurboFire hybrid.
I was pleased with how my week went with workouts...still not doing as good as I should with my nutrition though! :-( Need to get back to logging my food so I can keep myself in check and accountable.

What works for you to stay on track with your nutrition and eating??

Here are my workouts this week:

Pump and Shred and Hiit15

Fire45 and Barre3 online video

Pump and Burn, Hardcore Abs, and
Autumn Calabrese Medicine ball workout online video

Fire55ez and Barre3 online workout

Pump and Shred and Barre3 online workout

How did your workouts go this week? 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 1 of my personal TurboFire/Les Mills Pump hybrid

I am really behind with sharing last weeks exercise schedule. It was my first week of my own TurboFire Body Pump hybrid schedule.

You can see my post here where I talk about it and post my calendar:

Week 1 went well with my workouts and did okay with my eating as well.

Pump Challenge and Pump and Burn

Fire 30 and Stretch 10

Pump and Shred



Pump and Burn and Power 90 sculpt 

I was pleased with how my week 1 went. My knees were bothering me a little because of jumping right into TurboFire again but I just Love these two programs!!

Have you tried Body Pump or Turbofire before? 

The Kissing Bridge by Tricia Goyer- book release and my story about a kiss.

Author Tricia Goyer is celebrating her newest book release (The Kissing Bridge) by giving away some of her books to bloggers who share about her book release and also share a personal story about a special kiss or bridge. (crossing my fingers that I win because I LOVE to read new books! and I grew up in PA Amish community so the Amish people hold a special place in my heart. )

First, here is the info about Tricia's new book:

 April 1, 2014
Caught between a stifling Amish community and an unnerving outside world, a devout young woman on the run is about to become the newest arrival to West Kootenai, Montana.
On the day of her sister's death, Rebecca Troyer took her first step away from the Amish.
Rebecca had always strayed a little outside the fold---a job at an Englisch bakery, long weekends with non-Amish friends---but nothing could have prepared her family for what she is about to do: Rebecca is abandoning the community to attend nursing school. She is headed to college, into 'the world.'
But she has to make it across the country first.
When she stops in West Kootenai, at the home of a lapsed Amish friend from her youth, Rebecca finds a lot more in Montana than she had bargained for---namely a handsome working man named Caleb Hooley.
Caleb is at a crossroads of his own. A daredevil bachelor with high standards, he has decided he'll never find an Amish woman who can quench his thirst for adventure. Needless to say, the pretty Amish girl who has fled her community in secret catches his attention immediately.
As hearts are opened and secrets are revealed, Rebecca and Caleb find they have much more in common than just their Amish background. But can this runaway find love with a risk-taker who has lost his faith in God? All it will take is one week in the wilderness to find out . . .

You can learn more about the author here:

I decided to share some thoughts about my Grampa who recently passed away right before Christmas. I only grew up knowing one set of Grandparents (my dads parents) so over the past 30 years I have been very close to them and would see them several times a year.
My Grampa was a hard worker and always had projects and things to do. When I was younger I don't remember spending alot of time with him like I did my Gramma though. I think because he was busy and I didn't want to get in the way.
As I got older, especially in the past 10 years, whenever Grampa would see me he would say "Hey Skinny!" and give me a big hug and kiss. His kiss on my check would always feel rough because he would have a little bit of chin stubble but I loved it! What made it especially loving and memorable for me was that I had always been skinny my whole life and with both of my pregnancies I was very sick and gained 75-100 pounds. So for my Grampa to see me at 250 pounds and knew I was working my butt off to be healthy and lose weight, for him to say "Hey skinny" and give me a hug and kiss ment more to me than he will ever know. Whenever it was time to say goodbye, I would always say "Glad you got to see me-your favorite Grandchild" and he would laugh and give me another big hug and kiss. You could always feel his love by his kiss and hugs and knew he was genuine. I miss him so much and I'm so grateful for this time he had here on earth to bless the lives of some many people, including his own family.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why I'm excited about Piyo-the newest exercise program by Chalene Johnson (coming June 2014!) Flexibility training! Notes from video chat last night.

Last night I listed to a live YouTube chat with Chalene Johnson for 59 minutes (yes I listened to all of it!) talk about her newest Beachbody Fitness program called PiYo. Read below my notes section to find about more about what PiYo is and to get links.

Please note that I am not a Beachbody coach and I do not benefit or get compensation for posting links, this blog post, or any reviews that I do on Beachbody Fitness program. :-) I just really love their workouts and especially love Chalene Johnson's workouts!!

PiYo Notes from video chat: 

-Piyo is designed for people new to fitness, the "average joe", people who don't like to jump, who need to work on flexibility and restore their joints, who want low impact, people who are not in shape.

-Because you are using your own body weight, it will be challenging for both beginners and advanced exercisers.

-You will be using large muscle groups in a wide range of motions.

-PiYo was created by Chalene who personally tried to take Yoga and Pilates classes because she needed to do flexability training but she didn't care for it and how slow it was. So she developed her workout for the gym and called it "PiYo". PiYo not only combines pilates and yoga moves; but also athletic stretch, cardio and body weight training.

-PiYo does not have choreography but it is set to a beat so there is rhythmic moving for the functional workouts. She mentioned they are "functional" workouts in that you aren't holding a low lunge for a long period of time because when will you ever need to do that in real life? (LOL very true!)

-You will gain core strength and upper body strength. Both men and women will feel like an athlete doing this program. Her husband helped her create the program so its suited for both men and women.

-If you have taken a PiYo class in the gym, you have only seen 1/10th of what you can get with this program. These workouts you can't get at the gym.

-You WILL see body transformations and results with this program even though it is low impact.

-Chalene did let it slip that you can use possible "tools" along side these PiYo workouts (I'm thinking maybe a ball or band?)  but she wasn't able to share more than that.

-The base kit is $59.85 which includes 8 workouts on 3 dvds plus a bonus workout. The workouts are 25-45 minutes and you can do a variety of PiYo workouts to get a longer workout if you like. She provides a nutrition plan and 60 day workout schedule.

-You do not need alot of space or any equipment for these workouts.

-Chalene suggests changing up your exercise routine, to try new programs because you never know what you will like or enjoy. She said its important to change up your exercise routine because the body will adapt and not burn as many calories if you keep doing the same things. This answer was in regards to someone questioning if they could do a cardio program or other program along side dong PiYo. (like doing a hybrid schedule)

-Don't do crash diets or reduce your food intake just to lose weight. You will end up losing muscle as well.

-Best way to prepare for PiYo before buying it in June: prepare you body nutrition wise by reading and learning about what your body personally needs. Everyone is different so she suggests figuring out the breakdown of what you need for calories, protein, carbs etc. based on your height and activity level.

-EAT FOR FUEL. Eat Clean.

-Be happy with your body-flaws and all. Count your blessings and be thankful with what your body can do instead of focusing on what you want to change about your body!

-Just move and have fun!!

Why I want to buy PiYo:

I am even more excited about this program after listening to the video chat last night.

Since "getting into fitness" a couple years ago, I understand and recognize the benefits of stretching and flexibility workouts but like Chalene I (a) don't enjoy how slow yoga moves are and it makes me anxious and I start thinking about all the stuff I need to do; and (b) I then feel like I also have to do other strength or cardio workouts along side the flexibility workouts which then stresses me out more because of time constraints.

So when I heard that PiYo combine flexibility and strength training from using the body and athletic training; I was like I'M SO BUYING THAT!! My hubby said hes okay with me buying ANOTHER workout program because he knows this is important to me and my birthday is the end of May so I'm counting it as a birthday present! :-)

About PiYo: 

Introducing PiYo, a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG.
Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass—as you're burning crazy calories.
Want to sculpt every single inch of your body? Watch this video about the new PiYo workout.
Now you can carve every inch of your body.
How? You'll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

The result? Problem areas become no problem. You'll get sleek, long arms, sexy, flat abs, a tight, lifted butt, and the confidence that comes from knowing you're at your best!

This is your chance to define exactly how you want to look—and how you want to feel. You're in control.

You have the power to define yourself. Now use it.

View the PIYO workout preview here:

$59.85 (plus shipping and handling) base kit

Facebook Page:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free Prevention Magazine annual 28 Day Transformation Challenge-starts May 1! #28fitdays

Have you heard about (free!) Prevention Magazine's annual 28-Day Transformation Challenge? It starts May 1st and goes thru May 28th.

In signing up you will get free daily emails with tips from the cheerleader Kris and the trainer Chris Freytag, along with workout ideas and recipes.

You commit for 28 days to EAT clean, MOVE for 150 minutes of cardio (thats only 2.5 hrs!) and do the WOW (workout of the week) that uses strength training provided by Chris Freytag.

Here is the Prevention website with more specifics and details to sign up!

You can also read about the challenge in the May issue of Prevention Magazine.

 I love that this challenge is free and will provide daily support, as well as the flexibility of doing my own exercises! This challenge will work perfect with my current Body Pump/Turbofire exercise schedule.

So will you be joining this challenge with me??


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Les Mills Body Pump and TurboFire 6 week advanced challenge started on Monday! Free for anyone-new workout hybrid calendar!

I started a new workout challenge schedule on Monday.

As I was searching online for Body Pump and TurboFire hybrid calendars, I didn't really like any of the ones I found so I decided to create my own. I have done both programs before and they are my favorite!! I got awesome results (inches lost!) with doing Body Pump and Turbofire separately and wanted to combine them to get the benefits of doing both strength training and cardio 6 days a week, for 6 weeks.

About this challenge:
***I am not a Beachbody coach. I do not get compensation for this challenge, using these links, or for anyone following my hybrid exercise schedule or purchasing the programs. I am not creating a challenge group, but feel free to come back every week to my blog for recaps and accountability!

***Workouts during the week range from 30-60 minutes.

***Shorter workouts on are Saturdays (because I have tons of family activities/sports on Saturdays.)

***Rest Days are always on Sunday.

***Dvd workouts on my schedule are from the basic
Turbofire Kit
which can be found here:

and Les Mills Body Pump kit
which can be found here:
I did not incorporate any bonus dvds or advanced dvds because I wanted anyone to be able to follow the calendar and not have to purchase additional kits or dvds.

***I have made this a hybrid, shorter challenge because I have previously done the entire 12 week schedule of TurboFire and Les Mills Pump. I do not recommend this schedule for beginners or those who have not previously done these workouts with the original Beachbody Fitness 12 week schedule.

***I am using the older version of TurboFire so some of my dvd discs are named differently. I have put both the old and new workout names on my calendar so new or old versions can be used. If you are still confused, please see this link for clarification about the disc name changes:,-fire-55ez,-hiit-25

I am super excited to be starting this challenge!! It will start this coming Monday, April 14th and will go until Saturday, May 24th.  I will be posting weekly recaps here on my blog and daily recaps on my Instagram page. I am also going to try and follow the nutrition part of the 21 day fix program with my eating during this 6 week challenge.

If you want to join me, feel free to download my calendar and share this blog post with others.

If you do not have both kits, you can still join me!
On the Body Pump days (M, W and F) do any strength training for 30-60 minutes. On the TurboFire days (T, TH and S) do any cardio or running/walking for 30-60 mins.

Don't forget to do additional stretching or use the TurboFire Stretch 10 or Les Mills Flow dvd as needed, even if its not on the calendar.

CLICK HERE to download my 6 week Body Pump/TurboFire Advanced Workout Challenge Calendar 

I will post weekly recaps of my workouts with pictures to let you know how my challenge is going and feel free to check back with me weekly if you want to do the challenge with me. 

Let me know if you have any problems downloading my calendar. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Please help me buy a bike for Katie's therapy! Virtual Race and get a medal!

I want to introduce to a sweet little girl who is the daughter of my scrapbooking friend Jessica! 
Her name is Katie and she was diagnosed early on with CDKL. This is what her mom says on her Facebook page: 

"Katherine has CDKL5 is a rare X-linked genetic disorder that results in early onset, difficult to control seizures, and severe neuro-developmental impairment. Most children affected by CDKL5 suffer from seizures that begin in the first few months of life. Most cannot walk, talk or feed themselves, and many are confined wheelchairs, dependent on others for everything. Many also suffer with scoliosis, visual impairment, sensory issues and various gastrointestinal difficulties. Katie has also been diagnosed with West Syndrome, refractory epilepsy, global developmental delay, hypotonia with multiple joint laxity, mitochondrial dysfunction, strabismus, she wears AFOs and the sweetest disposition you will ever meet! Katherine is the youngest of 4 children. Our lucky Princess has 3 older brothers who absolutely love her!" 

Isn't she precious??!! 

Her mom posted on her Facebook page that they found a special bike for Katie but they still need at least 8 more people to sign up for her virtual race in order to purchase the bike for her

I would love to be able to help her  buy her bike and I'm hoping some of my readers can do the same! 

Here's her Facebook link and post:

Spring has arrived in Maine! Horray! We found an amazing bike that can be adapted for Katie and she could be like the big kids! We need 8 more people to join us on Katie's Virtual Run and she can have it! We are so thankful for those who have already signed up for her run and would love to see pics! 

Katie's Hope Donations for the medals are being accepted through PayPal at 
Please check the "Friends and Family" option. 
The minimum donation for a medal is $25. 
Please include your full shipping address in the message area! 
As with any virtual run, you get to pick the time and place to do it.

Even if you don't want to do a virtual race or get a medal, would you at least consider making a small donation to Katie's bike?

What child doesn't want to enjoy riding a bike in the spring time? 

(Her mom Jessica told me she would have to buy the parts and adapt it with a special kit, but most adaptive tricycles are more than $1,000!!)

Week 3 and 4 of "The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife" book study by Darlene Schacht (chapters 4-8) and GIVEAWAY!!

I started reading the book "The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife" by Darlene Schacht last month and have been part of a weekly Facebook book club discussing the book. 
You can find my original post here:

The author Darlene was so gracious to send me a copy of her book last month when she started the book club. I really wanted to be apart of the book club and didn't want to get behind, but I didn't have the money at the time to buy the book. :-( (we had just gotten a huge water bill and repair bill of a leaking underground yard pipe! and a medical bill of an ER visit) 

I wanted to pay it forward so I purchased a copy of the E-book from amazon this past weekend so I could give it away to one on my blog readers!! :-) Even though we are on chapter 11 this week, I would love for one of you to win a copy of her book and join the book club with me! 

Please enter the contest at the end of my post. 
A winner will be drawn on Sunday and emailed once verification has been made of steps. (yes I will check to make sure you follow me or leave a blog post) :-) 
I will email you a code to purchase the book for free on 

Schedule for week 3 and week 4: 

March 24-29 discuss Chapter 5 and 6
March 31-April 5 discuss Chapter 7 and 8

Recap for week 3 and week 4: 

Ch 5- A Trustworthy Wife
Blog link discussion:

Today’s Challenge: Rather than trying to fix your husband or solve his problems, try to be understanding with him. Try to listen to him and to empathize with his heart.

Some things that I underlined and liked in this chapter:
"If the conversation isn't for the purpose of edification, correction or instruction we need to control our tongue to ensure that our conversation doesn't dishonor our marriage or more importantly our walk with the Lord." Isn't that powerful?? 

"Practice bringing your thoughts into subjection before they roll off your tongue." 

Ch 6- An encouraging wife
Blog link discussion:

Today’s Challenge: Examine the way that you relate to your husband. Do you give him your attention? Are you encouraging him? Are you communicating in love? Watch yourself over the next few days and consider what he might be seeing in you. 

Some things that I underlined and liked in this chapter:
"Any mom who cares for a growing child knows the importance of praise in their children's life. Not only does it help to build a healthy sense of self esteem, it also remind a child that he or she is loved. In the same way, any wife who cares for her husband will also know the importance of praise in a marriage. It's vital to a growing relationship."  I felt like this sentence spoke to me... I praise my kids alot and I need to praise my husband more than what I do. I guess it didn't occur to me that he would want the same praise as my kids. 

She lists 5 benefits of praising your spouse which were very good! 

Then she lists a few do's and dont's for every encouraging wife to keep in mind. This section was very powerful to me because they all applied to me, specifically two of them very strongly. It's like she wrote this chapter for me!! What a wake up call!! This chapter so far has been the best one for me. 

Ch 7- A Pure Wife
Blog link discussion:

Today’s Challenge: Keep your thoughts in check this week by asking yourself: is this pleasing to God? If not, then practice changing those thought patterns immediately and flee from those things that are dragging you down.

Some things that I underlined and liked in this chapter:
"If we're not reflecting the goodness of God, what message are we sending the world about who He is?" 

"when something is pure, it's free from toxins and contamination, just as our lives and our thoughts should be free from all that's unholy." 

"a pure heart is one that is centered on Christ. She's a woman who's walking in love, forgiving as Christ forgave her. She exercises kind, compassionate love that's seasoned with grace." 

Ch 8- A Loving Wife
Blog link discussion:

Today’s Challenge: Love your husband, even and especially if you’re having a bad day. 

Some things that I underlined and liked in this chapter:
"Without grace love becomes a barter system where we give as much as we're given and forgive only when we're forgiven." 

"Our responsibility is to keep our eyes on the Father and walk in His ways. You can't fulfill your husband's role in this marriage, but you can fulfill your own. You can't force another person to be who you want him to be but you can affect his heart by the way that you live." This passage was again very strong for me. Sometimes I get upset or resentful if I feel like I'm the only one trying to better myself or learn or progress in our marriage. I tend to compare what he's done for me and what I've done for him. Often using the excuse, well he isn't being nice to me, why should I be nice to him! umm hello??!! this is EXACTLY that this chapter and paragraph addressed!! So obviously that is something I also need to work on!! 

About the Book
The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife is written in the format of an 18-part study for daily or weekly reflection. Not only is it a powerful tool for personal growth, it’s also an ideal study-guide for small groups!
Each lesson leads you through one virtue at a time, offering you applicable and inspiring ways for a wife to grow closer to God and her husband. The virtues discussed are these:
• Purity
• Self-control
• Love
• Diligence
• Patience
• Kindness
• Humility
• Faith
• Forgiveness
• Joy
• Passion
• Radiance
• Encouragement
• Balance
• Goodness
• Trust
• Courage
Virtue calls us to action. As we exercise each one, they bring our flesh in line with our Spirit.
It’s one thing to know what’s good, and it’s another to walk in obedience to the knowledge that we have received. Not always easy, but obedience to our faith is always worth the effort it takes!

Every lesson concludes with the S-O-A-P method of study, prompting you to dig deeper as follows:
S – Scripture: You’ll be provided with a portion of Scripture to meditate on.
O – Observation: This is a good chance to journal your thoughts. What are some personal observations? If you’re in a group study this might include some things you’d like to share with the others.
A – Application: How can you apply this to your life? Are there changes you’d like to make? Is God prompting you to focus on something?
P – Prayer: Each lesson includes a short prayer in hopes that you will invite God to play a vital role in this personal journey.

You can purchase the book here: 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 3 Round 2 of #21dayFix by Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody Fitness

Here's my food and exercise recap for my final week of round 2 of 21 Day Fix Beachbody Fitness program. I was very disappointed in myself this week with my eating. I've been having sugar (boo!) almost every day and didn't log my food for the second half of the week. Saturday and Sunday are especially hard for me because I run alot of errands and I'm not home much. I don't eat bad-I just barely eat because I don't preplan my food. I really want to be better with my nutrition and know this program will work if I stick with it and give it 100 percent.

I lost all the weight that I gained from my week of vacation, so I'm back to my original weight after round 1 of 21 day fix. I guess thats better than staying the same or gaining!!

I LOVE these workouts but since I just finished 2 rounds, which is 6 weeks, I decided to give myself a break and start another program.

Here are some of my food pictures from this week: 

I love Core Power protein drinks! 

Tried chocolate PB2 for the first time.. it was interesting. not sure if I like it.

This is my free chick fil a sandwhich and free ice cream last minute date night with my boys. shame on me. but it was SO good!! :-)  

Here are my exercise pictures from this week: 

Monday workout.

Monday double workout.

Tuesday workout.

Tuesday double workout of PiYo again. 

Wednesday workout

Thursday workout. No pilates. Just a family walk at the park. 

Friday workout. 

Friday double workout. I knew I would be gone all weekend so this is Saturday's workout.

How did your week of health and fitness go for you? Do you struggle with nutrition or exercising? 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strong mama challenge recap for 7 day challenge by Knocked Up Fitness

Last week I posted about the Instagram/Facebook 7 day free challenge by Knocked Up Fitness.
You can see my post here:

I posted my pictures every day of the challenges. I did get behind the last 3 days and had to play catch up. But it was alot of fun and I liked that it was a mini week challenge so I was able to do it along with my regular workouts!

Did you end up doing the challenge also? 

Day 4

Day 6