Friday, May 9, 2014

"28 to Great" Program from Barre3. Kit from QVC-product review. Ballet/Yoga/Pilates

I just finished my week 1 of the Barre3 Spring Challenge which I posted about here:

Since I do not have a Barre3 studio near me, I'm using the DVDs from this 28 to Great program I purchased from QVC a couple months ago, as well as the Barre3 online workouts from their website here:

Let me be clear, the 28 to Great Barre3 challenge program is different from the Barre3 spring challenge I'm currently doing!! I'm just using the DVDS that I purchased as part of my workout schedule for the next 4 weeks. 

With this package from QVC you get a specific 4 week schedule using the 5 dvds and core ball. Read further below to get all the kit specifics and price. 

This was my exercise schedule this week: 

on Monday I did the 40 min Barre3 Burner with Sadie; 
on Tuesday I did the 30 min Standing Slim with Sadie; 
on Thursday I did the 40 min barre3 Ballet Fit with Candace;
today I did 60 min studio shape with Sadie. 
I have not done 30 min ballet boot camp yet but I will on Monday. 

These dvds are very clear to follow, nice background, light music not really even noticeable. I really love Sadie's personality! 

The menu gives you options to play the entire workout or 10 minute workouts. So each dvd is divided up into 10 min "sections". I choose to play the entire workout so every 10 or 11 mins the instructor did some cool down stretches to transition into the next 10 minute segment. I didn't really like that part because the workout doesn't seem to "flow" together for the full 30/40/60 minutes because of that 10 minute option. However, I learned to appreciate the break and just got some water or stretched while waiting for the next segment. Its not a deal breaker, just thought I would mention that if you're trying to keep your heart rate up for the full workout.  

I already used my 15 day promo code that comes with the 28 to Great kit and I liked that it doesn't ask for CC info to keep on file or that I have to remember to cancel anything in 15 days. awesome!! Check out their online videos-lots of variety and different instructors. 

The core ball is totally awesome and really sturdy-I love it! and it was really easy to blow up. 

This kit is a PHENOMENAL deal-I can't believe the price! The exact kit is $98 on their website and a live barre3 class is pretty expensive too!! 

I would recommend this kit to anyone looking into trying a Barre-at home method, or someone who loves Barre3 already and wanting to have the ball and dvds for home use.  

$36.30 for Barre3 Kit!$uslarge$

Barre basics. Ballet meets yoga and Pilates in Barre3, a low-impact yet dynamic workout. The program focuses on a unique combination of movement designed to increase your energy, elevate your heart rate, and help transform your body.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.
  • Includes five DVDs, core stability ball, and 28 to Great four-week meal planner/nutritional guide
  • Promo code for 15 days unlimited access to over 100 free Barre3 online workouts
  • DVDs include: 30-minute Standing Slim, 30-minute Ballet Bootcamp, 60-minute Studio Shape, 40-minute Barre3 Burner, and 40-minute Barre Ballet Fit
  • Ball measures approximately 10"Diam
Barre3 actual website is here:

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  1. I'm thinking about starting the 28 to great, but I don't have a studio close to me either. Do you recommend buying the DVDs or to only use the online videos? Thanks!