Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My exercise workouts last week-Week 2 of #barre3SpringChallenge with Sadie Lincoln

Finished week 2 of the Barre3 Spring Challenge this past Sunday. I wasn't happy with how my week went because my right hip has been hurting. I think doing 60 mins of a Barre workout all at once, multiple times a week has aggravated it. :-( (I already have right hips issues and need to be adjusted by a chiropractor to get it back into place but I haven't been doing it.) I was really discouraged this weekend wondering what I should do because I didn't want to give up doing Barre work with only 2 more weeks of the challenge. Then I decided that just because I can't do 60 minutes of Barre every day, doesn't mean I should give up. I will just do 10-20 minutes of Barre along with other workouts to get my daily 1 hour of a workout in!! I decided to include Leslie Sansone walking dvds and 21 Day Fix strength training with weights dvds.  

Here's my workouts this week:




Yard work with the family


Still trying to eat healthy as I struggle to figure out whats wrong with my body and why I'm so bloated and gassy. Looking into gluten free items and trying to be gluten free this week. 

How did you do last week with your workouts? What do you do when you get discouraged about your eating or exercising plans? 

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  1. I totally understand, having a bad back - I hope reducing the time is helping the hip heal. What do I do when I get discouraged? ... well, what I'm tempted to do (and have done in the past) is give up or get really depressed, which of course also usually leads to giving up. But I try to just remember that this healthy eating/exercising thing is life long... it's a journey, and sometimes journeys have small detours. Sometimes we can't see the road ahead, but if we just keep our heads and keep following the directions, we'll get there. :) Like that road-tripping metaphor? ;)