Saturday, May 31, 2014

Natalie Jill Fitness #FlatBellyChallenge starts tomorrow! #nataliejillchallenge

Starting tomorrow June 1st, Natalie Jill's 30 day Flat Belly Challenge will be starting. I haven't done any workouts or challenges with her, so I'm excited to try it for the next month.  

Join the challenge here:

I am excited to join this challenge because she will be providing healthy gluten-free recipes as well as total body exercise videos during the challenge. She stated that her workouts would be around 10 minutes, so not a huge time commitment.  

She is also offering a coupon code for 20% off her nutrition programs from her website, but it is not necessary to buy anything for her free 30 day challenge. 

There will also be prizes, so make sure you go to the challenge loop link above to get all the details and rules.

I used her coupon code and purchased the 7 day jump start program which provides a very detailed list of foods and menu for a 7 day period. I need to go grocery shopping for some extra things to do the jump start, so I will probably start it next week and not this coming Monday. 

I will also be using her Gluten-Free guide and Workout at Home guide, both of which were offered free from Natalie's website. A couple months ago I purchased her Rev4 dvd so I will do a blog post review on that DVD sometime during the 30 day challenge. I personally purchased the DVD and 7 day Jumpstart but none of these things are necessary for the 30 day Flat Belly Challenge. 

Have you ever done any of Natalie Jill's youtube workouts? 
Post below if you will be joining this free challenge with me! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Fair Play" by Deeanne Gist-book review

Review of book "Fair Play" by Deeanne Gist

I really liked this book but I'm giving it 4 stars out of 5 because it felt a little too long for me and drawn out in some parts. I loved Dr. Tates personality and her struggles to be a female professional in a mans world in the 1800s. Her struggles were realistic with her desire to be married with children, but still have a career to help people. Hunter, a Texas Ranger, was the perfect male hero for this story. He was a hard worker, kind and stood for whats right. There were lots of funny moments through out the book, but also very sad descriptive moments that were true to that time period. I would definitely recommend this book-great clean historical fiction!! Romance and drama.  

From the bestselling author of It Happened at the Fair comes a historical love story about a lady doctor and a Texas Ranger who meet at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

Saddled with a man’s name, the captivating Billy Jack Tate makes no apologies for taking on a man’s profession. As a doctor at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, she is one step closer to having her very own medical practice—until Hunter Scott asks her to give it all up to become his wife.

Hunter is one of the elite. A Texas Ranger and World’s Fair guard specifically chosen for his height, physique, character, and skill. Hailed as the toughest man west of any place east, he has no patience for big cities and women who think they belong anywhere but home…

Despite their difference of opinion on the role of women, Hunter and Billy find a growing attraction between them—until Hunter discovers an abandoned baby in the corner of a White City exhibit. He and Billy team up to make sure this foundling isn’t left in the slums of Chicago with only the flea-riddled, garbage-infested streets for a playground. As they fight for the underprivileged children in the Nineteenth Ward, an entire Playground Movement is birthed. But when the Fair comes to an end, one of them will have to give up their dream.

Will Billy exchange her doctor’s shingle for the domesticated role of a southern wife, or will Hunter abandon the wide open spaces of home for a life in the “gray city,” a woman who insists on being the wage earner, and a group of ragamuffins who need more than a playground for breathing space?

I received a free E-copy of this book from in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"You are Loved" online book/bible club with #GoodMorningGirls starting next week.

This is my next online book/bible club that I'm doing and I hope you will join me too!!

Enrollment ends THIS Friday so don't delay if you're interested. When you sign up for the GMG email newsletter, they will email you a free link for the 8 week study guide and reading plan. The book is separate and not free (I bought mine on amazon) if you want to purchase it, but it's not necessary to join.

Go here for more specifics:

I'm all set with my book and materials for Monday. I can't wait!
Will you be joining me?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 3 recap of the Barre3 Spring Challenge with Sadie Lincoln-workouts and pictures

I just finished week 3 of the Barre3 spring challenge.
I was happy with my workouts that I did and I also tried some new recipes and foods this week.


1 mile Leslie Sansone, 10 mins Barre3 online workout and 30 mins Total body cardio fix. 

1 mile Leslie Sansone, 10 mins Barre3 online workout and 30 mins. Upper Fix. 

30 mins lower fix and 1 mile Leslie Sansone

Thursday- rest day

1 mile Leslie Sansone and 30 mins Dirty30. 

10 mins Barre3 online workout and 30 mins P90x3 CVX. 


Tried chia seeds in my protein drinks. 

Tried Gluten-Free oatmeal with local honey and fresh blueberries. 

Gluten free crackers... they were pretty bland...with homemade chicken salad-yum!

More of my chicken salad along with carrot salad.

How did your last week of workouts and eating go for you? Did you try anything new? 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

No More Frumpy Mommy ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Challenge Day 11 with Tricia Goyer

This post is part of the No More Frumpy Mommy Moms’ Night Out challenge with Tricia Goyer-you can also join the challenge by going here:

Thursday was the last day of the challenge. 

Day 11 challenge here:

How can you let God be your oxygen? 

-I need to have more personal prayers with God so I can get personal comfort and guidance from Him. 

-I need to learn to trust God more fully. I like to plan and schedule and make lists, and sometimes I'm not very flexible. Sometimes things happen so that we have the opportunity to help someone or grow from an experience. 

-I need to do more consistent personal scripture study-several times a week or daily. 

I have really enjoyed these past 11 days of challenges from Tricia Goyer!! I hope you've enjoyed reading my personal opinions and thoughts on her questions. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free Autumn Calabrese Youtube Workouts!! #21dayfix #autumncalabrese

As you may know from my previous posts, I did two rounds of the Beachbody Fitness program, #21dayfix by Autumn Calabrese. I love the workout dvds so I was excited to learn that over the past couple of months she's been posting mini workout videos on her youtube page. 

Check out some of her links below for FREE workout videos. She has more posted on her page so don't forgot to go there as well. 

My favorite so far is the sexy booty workout! Let me know if you try any of these and what your favorite is.  

SEXY BOOTY workout for NEW MOMS (10:04)

AB REHAB for new moms to LOSE THE BELLY FAT (8:27)

7 Pilates Moves for HOT ABS and a FIRM BUTT!  (5:48)

STABILITY BALL | Full Workout  (14:20)

5 Minute Workout for SEXY SHOULDERS (4:52)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My exercise workouts last week-Week 2 of #barre3SpringChallenge with Sadie Lincoln

Finished week 2 of the Barre3 Spring Challenge this past Sunday. I wasn't happy with how my week went because my right hip has been hurting. I think doing 60 mins of a Barre workout all at once, multiple times a week has aggravated it. :-( (I already have right hips issues and need to be adjusted by a chiropractor to get it back into place but I haven't been doing it.) I was really discouraged this weekend wondering what I should do because I didn't want to give up doing Barre work with only 2 more weeks of the challenge. Then I decided that just because I can't do 60 minutes of Barre every day, doesn't mean I should give up. I will just do 10-20 minutes of Barre along with other workouts to get my daily 1 hour of a workout in!! I decided to include Leslie Sansone walking dvds and 21 Day Fix strength training with weights dvds.  

Here's my workouts this week:




Yard work with the family


Still trying to eat healthy as I struggle to figure out whats wrong with my body and why I'm so bloated and gassy. Looking into gluten free items and trying to be gluten free this week. 

How did you do last week with your workouts? What do you do when you get discouraged about your eating or exercising plans? 

No More Frumpy Mommy ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Challenge Day 10 with TriciaGoyer

This post is part of the No More Frumpy Mommy Moms’ Night Out challenge with Tricia Goyer-you can also join the challenge by going here:

Day 10 challenge here:

What does your daily routine look like? How much of it includes time with God? 

I start my day at 530am before my hubby and kids are awake so I can have my personal time to exercise for an hour. Then its off to start the day with showering, getting dressed, breakfast, lunch, get the 3 year old dressed, make sure hubby and 12 year old are up, make sure the boys get their allergy medicine and we out the door by 815. My hubby then drops me off at work, our 12 year old off to school, and 3 mornings a week our 3 year old goes to preschool. I typically work 830-5pm when I then come home, sort the mail, help with chores while hubby makes dinner, catch up with the boys, have dinner, help with yard work or more chores, put the 3 year old to bed between 6-7pm after his bath, then do my blogging or reading or scrapbooking or sometimes watch tv before/after my 12 year old goes to bed. I try to be in bed between 930-10pm so I can get up at 530am and start all over again. Whew! 

I try to prioritize my time so I can stay organized and not get burnt out with being too busy. I grew up in a strong christian home, so my hubby and I have chosen to raise our kids that way. We pray before every meal, and every time we get into the car at 815am to start our day and ask for safety and guidance. We have "family night" once per week when we do a church lesson and sing songs about God. We go to church every Sunday. My son has church night/scouts once per week. 

Raising my kids like this has helped me keep up with my time with God. However I realized over the years that I wasn't doing "deep" studying of the scriptures or "deep" meaningful prayer because I was just doing it with the kids and not personally for myself as well. I always keep a prayer in my heart every day for my kids safety and for me to have patience at work; but I need to be more diligent with personally talking to God more for me. In January my hubby and I were asked to teach a Sunday school class at church and that has helped me so much! Hopefully it has helped our class members too-LOL. Because we teach every week, I have to make the time at least 2 times during the week to prepare and study the lesson and scriptures. I have learned so much because of my weekly studying then I have in years.  I have also been more diligent with being involved with online christian book clubs or bible studies  which helps me prioritize my time with God. 

Of course I'm always striving to be better than I was yesterday and learn from my mistakes. I continually pray that I keep my actions and thoughts in line with being a Godly Virtuous Wife and a good example to my family and others. 

How much of your daily routine involves God? 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No More Frumpy Mommy ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Challenge Day 9 with TriciaGoyer

This post is part of the No More Frumpy Mommy Moms’ Night Out challenge with Tricia Goyer-you can also join the challenge by going here:

Day 9 challenge here:

How do you make time to follow your dreams? 

One of my dreams was to start a blog to be able to share my health and fitness journey and losing weight and trying new things. I started this blog a couple years ago but it wasn't until last summer I started doing more blog posts on a regular basis, building an audience, joining some fitness ambassador programs, joining more social media groups, etc.  
I am so blessed to now be involved in many groups and alot of opportunities to do book reviews and products reviews-alot of times complimentary. I have enjoyed sharing my opinions, pictures, joys and struggles of my fitness, eating, crafts and other miscellaneous things that interest me here on my blog. 

I take time each day to post pictures on social media and to do blog posts. I comment on others and take an interest in what others post. I just started this week with a calendar because my blog posts are getting more and more structured and I love being organized! I find that I have to schedule my time for blogging and posts just like I would with my exercising and working and doing housework. Its hard to balance my time between working full time, blogging, my kids and all my other interests I have; but organization and structure is the key for me!! 

CurrexSole Natural Performance Insoles-product review

I was sent a pair of CurrexSole Natural Performance Insoles complimentary for blog review. All opinions and pictures are my own.

I was excited to try these insoles because my feet get really tried when I'm walking or running outside and then my back and knees start to hurt, so I wanted to try a good insole to see if it would help.

Check out the CurrexSole website:

I first determined what kind of insoles I wanted. I picked the RUNPRO so I could use them to do my race training outside.
To determine whether I needed the Low, Med or High insoles; I stepped on a piece of paper with a wet foot to study my arch foot print. My hubby helped me check and we picked the Medium insoles. It was super easy to figure it out.

This is the description of the RunPro insoles that I ordered:

It was easy to trim the insoles to fit my size 9 Asics running shoes and they fit perfectly!! 

I liked these insoles-they have great arch support and in my opinion are much better than the Dr Scholls insoles that I've tried. I can't wait to use them more this summer to see how they help!

They offer insoles for any activity-like running, gym or even for work!

Here's a great link to read more about the technology behind the different layers of the insole.

Have you ever used insoles before? What did you think? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

No More Frumpy Mommy ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Challenge Day 8 with TriciaGoyer

This post is part of the No More Frumpy Mommy Moms’ Night Out challenge with Tricia Goyer-you can also join the challenge by going here:

Day 8 challenge here:

What are your quick cleaning tips? 

When I was a single mom of an infant/then toddler/then preschooler and working full time, I tended to procrastinate with washing dishes. I would let them pile up and by the time I got to washing them, there would be hard junk on them. No dishwasher to wash them-just me! I discovered Palmolive Oxy was AMAZING with getting off junk and grease from dishes-even days old stuff. I have used it ever since and haven't found anything better. 
I still hate washing dishes but I'm ALOT better and don't keep things piled up-plus my hubby does most of the housework. ;-)  

I love these Lysol wipes for cleaning up messes in the kitchen, bathroom, disinfectant knobs etc. Plus these are dual action wipes so they are rough on one side and smooth on the other-perfect for kitchen messes. I prefer Lysol wipes over Clorox and generic wipes-they are just so much better and don't have a bleach smell. 

These scrub buds are the best ever! I got them from my mom and they will scrap anything off a pan. Plus they shine up the stove rings like magic! 

I also love the Lysol disinfectant spray. My hubby has to spray it when I'm not around though because my asthma will start up if I breathe it in.  

Best carpet remover ever!! I have used it for years and have gotten up ink, blood, grease, throw up, baby spit, mud, dirt... anything! 

I love this prewash by Legacy Clean. It removes blood, grease, grass stains, dirt stains-pretty much any stains from adults and kids clothes. It comes in a spray bottle or aerosol. I won't use anything else now. 

What are you favorite cleaning products? 

#VegaOne #VegaSport #FuelYourBetter Electrolyte Berry Hydrator product review

This month I was able to choose a VegaSport product free for blog review for the #FuelYourBetter #sweatpink campaign. I picked the Electrolyte Hydrator and I'm so glad I did!!

It's by far my favorite #VegaOne #VegaSport product I've tried!! It came in Berry flavor and is zero calories; dairy, gluten and soy free. 

My husband and I have both tried it many times while doing yard work, being outside watching sports events, and after our workouts.  I really felt like it helped me stay hydrated. The taste is not strong in a bottle of water-its like drinking light flavored water-and there was no weird after taste.  

This will be a product that I buy for my personal use once I run out because I really liked it!  

The Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator helps "replenish electrolytes and minerals; enhances metabolism and alkalinity; and provides antioxidant support." 

To read more about #VegaSportHydrator go here:

A box of 30 packets retails for $29.99 on their website. 
You can purchase it here and it comes in Berry or Lemon Lime:

How do you stay hydrated after a workout or when you're working outside? 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

No More Frumpy Mommy ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Challenge Day 7 with Tricia Goyer

This post is part of the No More Frumpy Mommy Moms’ Night Out challenge with Tricia Goyer-you can also join the challenge by going here:

Day 7 challenge here:

What is an easy yummy recipe to share? 

I like to make protein smoothies/shakes most mornings and my kids love to share with me. In fact, over the years I've gone thru two blenders and now we're using a Ninja which I LOVE, because I make so many drinks. 

This is what I use to make my fruit protein drink: 
1 c. water
1/2 c. frozen blueberries
1/2 c. frozen strawberries
1/2 banana
1 scoop protein powder 
couple spinach leaves (you can't even taste them!) 

blend, then serve! 

Over the next month I'll be experimenting with Chia seeds so I'll try to post more drink recipes later.  

What kind of easy recipe do you like to do again and again? 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

No More Frumpy Mommy ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Challenge Day 6 with TriciaGoyer

This post is part of the No More Frumpy Mommy Moms’ Night Out challenge with Tricia Goyer-you can also join the challenge by going here:

Day 6 challenge here:

What are you favorite makeup tips? 

Let me start off by saying that I have VERY sensitive acne prone skin and have since my early teens. I am 31 and still have the same issues-not as severe though. I have learned over the years that I can not buy makeup or skin care at Walmart or Target type places because I break out or itch like CRAZY!! So, after years of experimenting I have finally found products that work for me and that I LOVE! Thankfully I have the money to invest in good products because nice skincare and makeup are not cheap, but I always shop with coupons and wait for deals. 

My face wash that I use is either Bare Minerals Facial Cleanser or Murad Clarifying Cleanser. I mostly use Murad every day and my face stays so much clearer and cleaner. 

If you can invest in a Clarisonic then definitely DO IT!! It is THE BEST tool to deep clean with your face wash. My face feels AMAZING after using it!! My hubby loves to use it too and noticed a difference. 
I waited and saved for quite awhile before buying this at a special price on QVC. 

This is THE BEST lotion for dry and/or acne prone skin. I use it every day-sometimes two times a day. It feels great, not greasy, no weird smell. 

I use to use BareMinerals foundation, but then it started to make me itch so a couple years ago I switched to Mally Beauty Powder foundation. I have never looked back. I love how it feels, how it looks and I haven't had any skin problems with using it.

I love Chapstick and Carmex. Great for dry chapped lips! I also love Bare Escentuals lipgloss and lipstick and Mally Beauty Lipgloss. 
Most days I just do moisturizer, foundation and chapstick because I'm in a hurry to get to work. I love to wear makeup and have alot and I'm trying to get better with making more efforts with my face.  

If I want to add some color to my eyes quickly, I use Mally Beauty Eye Shadow stick. Its so fast to apply, blend with my finger and ta da! It stays on for HOURS! seriously! I can apply it in the morning and it will not budge or crease all day up until bedtime. It has the power of an eye primer and eye shadow in one. 

I love Bare Escentuals palettes. It makes it super easy to throw in my purse and have all the products I need. This particular one is my favorite. It has room for blush, 4 eye colors, lip gloss, eye liner and eye primer. The brushes are cheap so I use another brush to apply. 

Speaking of eye primer... I discovered this baby years ago and I'm so glad I did!! I hate face primer because it makes my face feel greasy, so I was hesitant to try this. I will never NOT use it again!! In fact, if I don't have my eyelid primer I won't even bother applying eye makeup because it never stays on long. This keeps my color all day-like 24 hour long-without smudging or creasing. 

My favorite two mascaras ever!! Mally Beauty Volumizing and Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Mascara. I have tried all kinds of other mascaras and in my opinion these are the best!  

I know I probably sound like a sales woman but I get very passionate about products that I love because I'm very picky and I try alot of things to see what works for me. 

I would love to hear what makeup tips you have and what products you like to use on a daily basis.