Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Michelle Dozois Cardio Interval Burn Remix-NEW Peak 10 advanced

Today I did a new cardio workout dvd by Michelle Dozois. She sent it to me last month along with 2 other dvds, complimentary for blog review. 
I previewed this dvd last night and watched the movement review section, so I knew I was in for a good calorie burn!! :-) 
The dvd is from her Peak 10 collection-Cardio Interval Burn Remix and is all new-it was released a couple months ago. 


Certified instructor description: Creative, all-cardio exercises performed at carefully sequenced intensity levels. It’s a proven interval training technique that burns maximum calories without overstressing your body. The format is always consistent — five 10-minute segments, each with two exercise cycles (e.g. left foot starts first, right foot starts second). Within each cycle, the intensity builds in four distinct stages: basecamp, ascent, climb and peak. For example, “base” might be simple V-steps and grapevines, while “peak” is 30 seconds of jump-tucks and air-jacks. The variety is amazing; it’s a smoothly blended mix of athletic, dance, kickbox and plyometric moves (often incorporating varied upper body motions). The add-on cuing and on-screen timer keep you motivated and energized. ©2013. 

Advanced Level, High Impact. 60 mins

Chapter Menu

Movement Review

about 4 minutes of Warm up

 First level is basecamp

Then Ascent 

Then Climb 

Finally, the peak! 

After 5 blocks, then it was time for cool down! 

Big Calorie Burn!!  

There are 5 blocks on this dvd.
Each block is 10 minutes long.
Each block has 2 circuits each. You start with doing movements on the right side and then repeat on the left during the second circuit.
I always felt clumsy during the first circuits of each block because I was trying to learn the moves and get use to the dvd.

It is definitely considered advanced. There are no rest periods or water breaks. I followed the modifier on the far right alot of the time. I should get a better calorie burn the more times I do this dvd and learn the movements.
I felt like the warm up was a little fast... almost like I needed a warm up before her warm up. ;-)
The final cool down and stretching was very good! I really liked it and felt like it was a good enough stretch for the high impact exercises I did.

I really like Michelle's teaching ability and happy, bubbly personality. Her dvds are more higher impact and dancy than I'm use to, but I know with time I will get her dvd movements down!  Looking forward to trying more of her Peak 10 dvds.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Naturade samples review- Vegan Smart Vanilla and Chocolate Shakes and Colostrum Plus Chewables

Last month Naturade sent me some samples for me to try for blog review.

They sent me some chocolate and vanilla Vegan Smart Nutritional shake samples which can be found here online:

I've had the chocolate flavor many times now. I like it mixed with banana, water and frozen strawberries. It mixes very smooth and has a nice taste. No weird after taste!! I also LOVE that its lactose free so I don't have any issues during and after drinking my shake. 

I also tried the vanilla one. I have tried many vanilla flavor protein drinks and I've found them all disgusting, but this one I can tolerate and actually drank the entire cup! :-) I prefer the chocolate over the vanilla, but I would still drink the vanilla in the Vegan Smart brand only! 

Here are some specifics about the Vegan Smart shake:

Plant Based Vegan Blend
Naturally Flavored & Sweetened
Great Taste
Low Calorie
All in One Nutritional Protein Shake

  • 20g Non-GMO Protein
    6g Dietary Fiber
    No Cholesterol
    Zero Trans Fat
    Dairy & Soy Free
    Gluten Free
    Whole Food Complex
    Vitamins & Minerals
    Omega 3
    Digestive Enzymes

All-In-One Nutritional Shake for Optimal Health*

Everything you need in just one serving:
Complete Protein Blend – Contains 5 different non-GMO plant based proteins providing all the essential amino acids in precise proportions, readily usable by the body, for building and repairing tissue and muscle.*
Whole Food Complex – Includes 9 different healthy colorful fruits and vegetables offering naturally occurring polyphenols, antioxidants and flavonoids to support overall wellness.*
22 Vitamins & Minerals – Act as catalysts in thousands of biochemical reactions every day to support normal and healthy cell function.*
Fiber & Omega Blend – Provides 6 grams of dietary fiber to help keep you regular. Also contains over 200 mg of Omega-3 to support a healthy brain, heart and circulatory system.*
Probiotics – Contains 1 billion colony forming units, of “good” bacteria, for supporting digestive health and maintaining healthy intestinal flora.*
Digestive Enzymes Blend – Assists in digesting foods more completely for greater absorption of nutrients and the good health that goes with them.*
Directions (adults):  Mix two level scoops of VeganSmart™ All-In-One Nutritional Shake in 9 to 11 ounces of ice-cold water, juice or non-dairy beverage, shake well and enjoy.
VeganSmart™ is also a delicious, nutrient-supplementing addition to your favorite smoothie recipe – just blend and enjoy! Take one, or more servings daily for optimal health.*
It can be purchased here: 

Next, I've been taking the Symbiotics Colostrum Chewables in the orange creme flavor. 
I like them and have been taking them, but it's hard for me to remember to take them before I eat on an empty stomach. My toddler didn't like them at all. I think because they were a little chalky and not gummy texture like his vitamins... I like the orange flavor and can't wait to see how it will help me when taking it regularly.  

They can be found online here:

Here are the specifics about the Colostrum plus chewables:
Fight back with COLOSTRUM PLUS® Orange Crème Chewables.
You and your children work hard and play hard, encountering environmental and physical stress daily.  This, along with today’s “on-the-go” diets can take a toll o your immune response system.  That’s why your family deserves the benefits of the powerful nutrients in Colostrum Plus, including immune factors, antibodies and growth factors.  Support your demanding lives and improve your wellbeing with COLOSTRUM PLUS® Orange Crème Chewables.*
Rebuild, replenish and promote an improved wellbeing with COLOSTRUM PLUS® Orange Crème Chewables.
The immune factors and antibodies naturally contained in Colostrum help maintain a strong and balanced immune defense with dual action in the bloodstream and in the digestive tract where your need for immune defense may be greatest.  Take charge of your health with COLOSTRUM PLUS® Orange Crème Chewables.*
Be at your best with COLOSTRUM PLUS® Orange Crème Chewables. 
Enhance performance and recovery with growth factors that support strength and stamina while promoting the normal re-growth of lean muscles.  Colostrum and Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRP), naturally found in Colostrum, are backed by numerous scientific studies with a wide array of health benefits demonstrating the superiority of Colostrum Plus.*
Have confidence with COLOSTRUM PLUS® Orange Crème Chewables. 
Symbiotics guarantees minimums of 1.5% Lactoferrin (14mg), 25% Immunoglobins (240 mg IG) and 3% Proline-Rich Polypeptides (29mg PRP), Colostrum’s most important component.  Our unique BIO-Lipid™ coating insures the availability of the powerful nutrients in Colostrum.  Without this protection, other colostrum products are destroyed by stomach acid and provide reduced benefits.

Colostrum Plus® comes from USDA Grade A dairies that are hormone, pesticide, antibiotic and rBST free. 
Symbiotics uses only the first 2 milkings to guarantee potency and quality.
Directions: Adults
chew 2 tablets twice daily on an empty stomach. During times of environmental and/or physical stress chew 4 tablets daily.
chew 2 tablet twice daily on an empty stomach.  During times of environmental and/or physical stress chew 2 tablets daily.
Look what I won last week from Naturade on facebook!! :-) 
I got the vanilla Vegan Smart (tried and like it!), the colostrum plus chewables in the cherry flavor (currently taking the orange flavor) and the PRP with colostrum powder (can't wait to try this!) 

Friday, December 20, 2013

BurstFit DVD Fitness System review by Dr. Josh Axe

I've had the opportunity the last 2 weeks to do an exercise program called "burstfit" by Dr. Josh Axe that was sent to me complimentary for blog review. I found out about Dr. Axe's program from my Suzanne Bowen Barre facebook group page.

These workouts are OUTSTANDING!!! I really really enjoyed them!! I'm going to share some pictures and some information about the program, and then my final thoughts at the end of the review.

This is what the dvd program looks like-front and back. You only need good shoes and hand weights for these dvds. One of the dvds doesn't use any weights, but the other 5 dvds do. It also comes with a bonus workout that you can do on day 7 according to the calendar.

You can read more about BurstFit and 
purchase the program here: 

Q: What is BurstFIT?
BurstFIT is a home fitness program, led by Dr. Josh Axe. It combines interval (short 'bursts') training with strength conditioning. Each session is 20 minutes.
Q: Why is it called BurstFit?
Science is showing that it's more effective for fat loss to train like a sprinter, rather than a marathoner, exercising in short intervals of high intensity, or 'bursts'.
Q: Is it similar to HIIT?
Yes. There are many forms of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which can be executed in varying amounts of time intervals. The difference with Burstfit is the combination of strength training with the high intensity intervals, to give you the fullest workout possible in just 20 minutes.
Q: Why is strength training involved?
Strength/Resistance training elevates your levels of Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is essential for fat mobilization. It also signals fat burning enzymes and aids in muscle mass development. HGH levels are raised most during sleep, in direct proportion to exercise intensity during your workout.
Strength training can also improve your glucose tolerance and increase insulin receptor sensitivity. This helps your body become a fat burner, rather than a sugar burner. This type of exercise also creates a greater metabolic after-burn than aerobic training, while also increasing fat free muscle, bone density and metabolism.
Q: Can I just do cardio or aerobic training?
No. There are many benefits associated with cardio and aerobic training, but also some negatives. The benefits of cardio is that it can lower your resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, keep your brain young by increasing circulation to the brain and aids in detoxification by stimulating the lymphatic system.
But traditional, long distance cardio training decreases testosterone levels, decreases the immune system post exercise, and raises stress hormone levels (cortisol). Increased levels of cortisol stimulate the appetite, can increase fat storing and slow down or inhibit exercise recovery.
Q: So how do I get the benefits without the negatives?
Burst train to burn fat. Burst training involves exercising at 90%-100% of your maximum effort for 30-60 seconds in order to burn your body’s stored sugar (glycogen), followed by 30-60 seconds of low impact for recovery. This causes your body to burn fat for the next 36 hours to replace your body’s vital energy (glycogen) stores.
You only need to do 4-6 sets of 30-60 second bursts 3 times a week to see marked changes and improvements. More is not always better–make sure you have days of rest.
The Burstfit program takes all the guesswork out and guides you through the best burst training workouts.

This is what each DVD menu looks like. There are 3 workouts on each disc. Each workout is 22 minutes long. There is NO warm up or cool down, so make sure you do your own. They repeat a circuit 3 times with some breaks in between. The last 1-2 minutes is a cardio 20 seconds on/10 seconds off circuit, which brings you to your 22 minutes. 

Day 1 picture collage I posted on my Instagram page (rdevaughn4)

Day 2 picture collage

Day 3-4 picture collage

Day 5-6 picture collage

Each workout has 3 people plus Dr. Axe in it. A girl on the far left who is beginner Level 1 workout. The girl in the middle back row is doing moderate Level 2 moves. And the Guy on the right is doing advanced Level 3. I mostly followed the level 2 girl. Dr. Axe does all the workouts breifly but mostly focuses on showing the different levels of form, as well as showing proper form and what not to do. That helped me alot and I'm glad he did that!! I liked the timer clock on the bottom left so I knew how much time was left for each circuit. The bottom right would show a pop up on what the next exercise would be coming up, which was also helpful!! 


Love that its a short workout- 22 minutes!! It's not super intense, which I like, but I still felt like I got an outstanding workout in such a short time. I wish there was a brief warm up and stretch but I did do those on my own. I liked their gym atmosphere set up and it was easy to hear and see the moves. 
I really liked Dr. Axe's personality. He was calm and very exact and informative about each move and each circuit. He didn't hesitate to correct someone's form and said it it was more important to have good form than to try to keep up the pace with them. 
5 out of the 6 dvds use hand weights, which I LOVE because I'm trying to do more strength training. I used 3 and 5 pound handweights. I especially loved the leg and shoulder workout dvds. I was surprised how sore I felt the next day after the leg workout, but it was a "good, I accomplished something and I'm proud of myself" sore, not a painful sore. :-) 
This will be a program that I definitely will do again and again!! 
They also released a new BurstFit dvd system called FIRE, which I will also be reviewing soon! I believe that dvd is more cardio based and does include a warm up and cool down. 
The link is here if you're interested: http://burstfit.com/fire/

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Leslie Sansone Walk to the Hits: Party Songs NEW for Dec 2013-review

Today I got the newest DVD from Leslie Sansone that was released earlier this month, in the mail from Walmart. I was so excited, I decided to do the entire dvd tonight so I could share my review on it.


$9.99 and to view video clip sample

This is what the menu looks like. 

Picture clip from video. I also posted a short video clip on my instagram page tonight. 

The back of the DVD says 47 minutes but I stopped my dvd player timer when she ended the walk before the credits begin. So the workout is truly 45 minutes/3 miles. 


I really liked her Walk to the Hits: Radio Remixes from a couple of months ago, so I figured this dvd would be similar except for different music. 
In mile 1 and into mile 2 she does 30 second bursts of HIIT training. She uses the same song for all the HIIT training bursts, but that didn't bother me. The music was okay. It was upbeat, but I personally didn't like the music selection. In fact, I think one of the songs might have had a swear word, so until I know for sure, this dvd will not be used for family use. 
The cast was fun-there was alot of talking so sometimes it was a little obnoxious to hear the talking and the loud music at the same time. 
This kind of dvd is more for a "fun workout", not necessarily a "good, sweaty" workout in my opinion. I prefer the Radio Remixes dvd over this one. 
I probably won't be doing this dvd very much, but it was a fun workout and 
I would recommend it.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

QVC TSV Bare Minerals-Bare Escentuals GLAMOUR NOW Makeup kit review

I got my QVC todays special value holiday Bare Minerals kit a couple weeks ago! I am so excited to use it!! 

-The READY luminizer on my cheeks is really pretty. This seems like a good neutral color for most everyone. I typically wear light to medium foundation/blush with cool colors.  I've used it a couple times as a blush and also a luminizer. 

-The mascara is nice. This is their newest mascara they launched this year. I already got one in my Sephora holiday kit, so I gave this one to my mom because its not my favorite BE mascara, but still a good.  

-Used the 4 eye palette. It was nice-the colors all kind of blend together though. Nice neutral look for anyone. 

-Used the black liquid eye liner. I liked it but its dramatic for the day time so it won't be used often. I felt like I was using a permanent magic marker on my eyes...LOL. The product leaves no room for error because it won't wipe or smudge off, so be very careful when applying.  

-LOVE LOVE all my moxie lipglosses!! They aren't sticky or weird smelling. huge fan of BE lipgloss and lipstick! 

Overall, its a great value but didn't LOVE it as much as I had hoped. Not sure if I will get the other 3 kits for 2014 because I signed up for the auto delivery. I love that I can cancel or return at any time, so I guess I will think about it more... 

What is it: This super-luxe set features decadent shades and brand-new innovations. With this Auto-Delivery offer, you'll receive this item now and new seasonal collections in April, July, and October 2014. (Four total shipments.)

Who is it for: All skin types.

Why is it different:

The innovative Brightening Pearl Perfect Light Mineral Veil combines two of the most sought-after finishing products. Look your best in any lighting with this color-adjusting formula that adapts to UV light to soften the appearance of shadows, fine lines, and discoloration--while also casting a subtle glow.

bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadows provide exceptionally vivid color in an smooth, silky texture for effortless application and seamless blendability. This brand-new quad features four perfect-together shades.

The brand-new Smoke & Define Double-Ended Kohl & Liquid Eyeliner gives you the best of both worlds. The felt-top liquid end defines the eye with a rich black line that is easy to apply; the kohl end softly frames or instantly smokes out eyes. Layer the two for endless looks.

bareMinerals Blush and Luminizer add a warm pop of pink and gilded glow to your cheeks.

Finish with Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara and Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss.

How do I use it:

1. Using Tapered Shadow Brush, blend a light wash of Eyeshadow in Celebrate from lash to brow.
2. Apply Eyeshadow in Cheers on outer half of lower lid.
3. Buff Eyeshadow in Ball Gown, starting in inner corner of lid and working toward outer corner.
4. Blend Eyeshadow in Stiletto into outer crease of eye.
5. Line upper lash line with liquid end of Double-Ended Eyeliner; then use kohl liner on bottom lash line.
6. Use Contour Blush Brush to buff Glamour Blush over apples of cheeks.
7. Blend bareMinerals READY Luminizer in Shining Moment over cheekbones.
8. Lightly sweep Finishing Powder over complexion.
9. Sweep Mascara onto top and bottom lashes.
10. Finish with a swipe of Lipgloss.

From bareMinerals.

First shipment includes:
  • 0.23-oz Brightening Pearl Perfect Light Mineral Veil (a subtle pearlescent glow)
  • 0.17-oz Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 in The Main Event: Celebrate (a yellow cream); Ball Gown (a nude sheen); Cheers (a shitake); and Stiletto (a plum chocolate)
  • 0.005-oz kohl/0.03-fl oz liquid Smoke & Define Double-Ended Eyeliner (deep brown/black)
  • 0.37 fl oz Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara
  • 0.03 oz Glamour Blush(a warm pop of pink)
  • 0.16 oz Ready Luminizer in The Magic Moment (a warm gilded sheen)
  • 0.15 Fl. oz Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Dazzler (a melon hue)
  • Contour Blush Brush
  • Tapered Shadow Brush
  • Future shipments in seasonal shades arrive April, July, and October 2014; four total shipments
  • Each shipment will be billed separately at the above price, plus shipping and handling and any applicable taxes, for as long as you remain in the plan; no obligation to continue the plan; cancel anytime


Bare Minerals Glamour Now April 2014 Shipment
  • L Brightening Pearl Perfect Light Mineral Veil
  • Ready 4.0 in The Exotic Escape
  • High Life (light gold)
  • Indulge (lavender gray)
  • Editor’s Pick (metallic teal)
  • Undercover (glistening granite)
  • Smoke & Define Double-Ended Kohl & Liquid Eyeliner: Teal liquid, Jet Black kohl
  • Lash Domination in Intense Black
  • Mini READY Luminizer in The Five Star Treatment (pink champagne sheen)
  • Tropical Sunset Blush (bright pop of pink)
  • Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Glamourista (candied pink)
  • Full Tapered Shadow Brush – Natural Hair
  • Soft Sweep Cheek Brush – Natural Hair
  • Gift Box

Bare Minerals Glamour Now July 2014 Shipment
  • L Brightening Pearl Perfect Light Mineral Veil
  • Ready 4.0 in The Style Makers
  • Stealth (apricot chiffon)
  • Pret-a-Porter (sunbaked gold)
  • Goddess (bronze shimmer)
  • Daring (violet velvet)
  • Smoke & Define Double-Ended Kohl & Liquid Eyeliner: Espresso liquid, Gilded Brown kohl
  • Lash Domination in Intense Black
  • Mini READY Luminizer in The First Glance (warm gold sheen)
  • First Rose Blush (warm rose shimmer) Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Icon (amber pink glimmer)
  • Angled Blush Brush – Natural Hair
  • Soft Focus Shadow Brush – Synthetic Hair
  • Gift Box

Bare Minerals Glamour Now October 2014 Shipment
  • L Brightening Pearl Perfect Light Mineral Veil
  • Ready 4.0 (new shades)
  • Presto (pale shimmering gold)
  • Romp (iridescent lilac)
  • Shade (smoky violet)
  • So Chic (glimmering java)
  • Smoke & Define Double-Ended Kohl & Liquid Eyeliner. Liquid – Black Black, Kohl – Black
  • Lash Domination in Intense Black
  • Mini Ready Luminizer – (light pearl pink)
  • New Blush (shimmering pink)
  • Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss (pink lilac)
  • Tapered Fan Brush – Natural Hair
  • Tapered Crease Defining Eye Brush – Natural Hair
  • Gift Box

Read more: http://www.musingsofamuse.com/2013/11/bare-minerals-glamour-now-collection-april-july-october-shipment-shades.html#ixzz2lmhMq9Ej

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dream Body By Fusion Fitness DVD program Review

A couple weeks ago I was sent Dream Body complimentary for blog review. I heard about them from Skinny Mom's Holiday listing. I am loving Barre workouts right now, so I was very excited to try this along with strength training.

Here is the DVD description:
BURN 3500 calories with these 5 separate killer workout DVD's.  Shock your body and get the most amazing results available through any at-home workout system.  We have combined the best and latest methods in exercise to bring this dynamite and very addictive workout series to you!
DVD 1 - Fusion Mix with Darby - Sweating, sculpting and strengthening your way into your dream body. Look tight from your triceps to your tush! ( 60 min)
DVD 2 - Tabata & Toning with Francie - Drop a size with this cardio master piece. 20 Second tabata's mixed with body toning. (45 min)
DVD 3 - Barre with Sadie - Achieve the length of a dancer and strength of an athlete.  Ballet meets badass in this belly fat burning workout. (50 min)
DVD 4 - Bikini Bootcamp with Amy- Get summertime skinny with 40 minutes of non stop kicking, jumping, lunging and punching.  Tone up your trouble areas in the last 20 minutes. ( 60 min)
DVD 5 - Fusion with Brooke - A vigorous sequence of funky fresh yoga, Pilates, calisthenics, and barre. You will tone muscles you never knew you had!
Series includes all 5 Workouts.  You will need: Stability ball, playground ball, resistance band, weights, and paper plates.

Product can be viewed and bought here: 

This is workout number 1-Fusion Mix that I tried last week. 

I used a mat, stability ball and 3 pound hand weights for this dvd. 

Some video clips from the workout

 My pic collage I posted on instagram (rdevaughn4) after my workout. 

I burned 378 calories according to my Polar HRM which is good for a barefoot barre cardio class. 
It was tough!! I had to follow the modifier almost the entire time. I felt like it was awkward trying to do some of the workouts using the stability ball at the beginning, but for the most part did okay. 

 Overall, this workout was fun but I felt like it was geared more toward younger girls, like collage age girls-nothing wrong with that. Just didn't feel like it was for me. Because of that I'm having a hard time finding the motivation to try the other workout dvds. I did preview the other workout dvds so I will try them eventually. 

Definitely visit their website to learn more about this program and the other programs they offer. Just because I didn't particularly care for it, doesn't mean you won't like it! :-) 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baladea exercise program for women by Holly Perkins

Look at what Holly Perkins just released last week!! She was sharing the news on instagram, so I immediately went to the website to read more about it!! I love how awesome and colorful it looks!!! They are shipping out my copy soon, so I plan on starting this workout system in January to start the new year out right!! I'm so excited!!

Read on below to see what comes with this dvd system!! and come back to my blog in January to read about my experiences and review for Baladea!

Experience Results

Discover the colorful, fun, and brand new way to work out! baladea is the all-in-one solution that empowers you to completely transform your body and mind. It’s exercise that feels natural and wellness that keeps you smiling. No matter what your fitness level or lifestyle needs may be, reaching your goals has never been easier. 
Order baladea risk-free today! 

8 Fitness + Wellness DVDs

hello(10 min)

This introductory DVD is filled with all the essential tips you need to succeed. Say hello to the new you!

calm(24 min)

A rejuvenating blend of powerful motivation methods and energizing relaxation techniques.

flow(32 min)

Let your body and mind flow. This DVD improves your posture and increases your flexibility.

yoga(45 min)

Reshape your trouble zones and clear your mind with this easy to master yoga practice.

fusion(47 min)

An unbeatable combo of slimming cardio and toning yoga. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

slim (40 min)

Melt the fat, increase your stamina, and tone your muscles with this fun and exciting cardio DVD.

power(50 min)

Build your fat-burning engine and empower your entire body with next-generation strength training.

boost(43 min)

Challenge yourself with high intensity interval training for maximum weight-loss.

Your System Also Includes

  • baladea resistance band

    Kiss clunky weights goodbye! This premium resistance band goes hand in hand with your DVDs and was specifically designed for women.
  • Lifestyle Guide

    Amazing results need a strong foundation. This instructional guide is packed with all of Holly’s exclusive success secrets and essential tips to kick-start your new lifestyle.
  • Nutrition guide

    Eating right has never been easier! This guide is time-saving, customizable, and calorie-counting-free. Just pick the foods and recipes you love and let the guide take care of the rest.

  • progress schedule

    Stay on track with this handy schedule. It includes three exercise routines for different goals: Maximum weight-loss, complete well-being, or minimum time investment.
  • FREE online community

    Expert advice, answers to your questions, and extra support are just a click away. Plus you’ll get to connect with all the other women doing baladea for extra motivation.

The Secret Behind baladea

There is a reason why baladea is so wildly effective. The secret is a breakthrough in exercise science that delivers jaw-dropping, visible results: It’s
 called Synergy Training™. This revolutionary approach fuses fitness and wellness exercises into one powerful combination, giving you the benefits of both – all at once! Working together, fitness and wellness challenge your body more effectively. This means you’ll get better results in less time. It’s simple and works wonders!

Transform your entire body for just 3 monthly 
payments of $49.95 + FREE SHIPPING 
Or select single payment option during checkout.

You can order from my referral link here: 

Baladea is exercise reimagined. It combines fitness and wellness into one complete exercise system for women. It was created for women, by women, and it works for any fitness level! The vision behind baladea is to help women all around the world to live their best lives. Help spread the word and inspire your friends. You can find out more about baladea at www.baladea.com
Please join the online community, visit our page, recommend this system and be our friend!

Monday, December 9, 2013

"Pocket Full of Posies" by Julie Coulter Bellon -Book REVIEW. Hostage Negotiation Team book #3

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer . . . 

Hostage Negotiation Team member Bart Gutierrez is shocked to find Lucy Aguayo, a girl he knew as a teenager, working for the deadly Castillo drug cartel. This revelation uncovers a secret in Bart's family so big it forces him to accept a dangerous offer: infiltrate the cartel to keep his family safe. Once inside the cartel's headquarters he discovers that a large-scale attack on America is imminent and the only way to prevent it is to bring Lucy in on his plans---and hope she doesn't betray him. 
Lucy Aguayo has become a key player in the Castillo cartel, but not for money or power---she's on a mission of vengeance for her father's murder. Just when she gets a chance to bring down the cartel leader responsible, Bart Gutierrez appears, stirring up buried feelings and disrupting all her plans. But as the enemy closes in from all sides, Lucy must choose between being free from her past or finding justice for it. Can she give up everything she's ever worked for and reach for something more?  

My Review:
This is my first book that I've read by Julie Bellon. She has written two other books from the Hostage Negotiation series, which I have not read, but she assured me it didn't matter to the story line and I would still enjoy the book. Which I did!! It was a GREAT suspense/drama/romance clean fiction book. Actually it was more than great-it was AWESOME!! I have since bought the other two books on my kindle-so I can't wait to read those as well. The characters in this book were interesting and the plot moved quickly as to not be boring but not so quick that I got lost. You will not be disappointed if you read this book!!

You can read chapter one and learn more about this book here:

You can purchase the book here:

Now I'm off to read the other two books... Has anyone else read them??