Monday, March 5, 2012

digital scrapbooking blog train!!

I just discovered the coolest thing this weekend!! It's called a BLOG TRAIN!! You click on one scrapbooking blog at a time and you collect freebies from a bunch of designers!! Did I say they were FREE??!! They usually have a theme too-the one I'm about to tell you about is a spring/eastery theme-super super cute!! It took me all weekend to upload the files from the blog train-all 74 of them!! WHOOHOO!!
Dont delay!! The longer you wait, the harder it will be to the find the post and some designers will delete the upload link in about a week or two... FREE FREE FREE!! check it out!!

I also discovered this smaller one yesterday...

I'm planning on using these in My Memories software... Happy Spring everyone!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Book Review for Olivia by Julie Wright

I found the book “Olivia” by Julie Wright to be well written, intriguing, and emotional. Olivia is book one in a four book series called “the Newport Ladies Book Club”. This series was written as a celebration of womanhood, motherhood and the friendship and love that we can offer each other, especially in times of trial and despair.   
The book starts out describing Olivia, her family members and her personal struggles as a mother and wife. She decides to join a book club to help her see the good in something in her life. I liked how the other characters that will be in future books were introduced through the ladies book club. The women get to know each other thru monthly meetings. I found it interesting that most of the women were not willing to open up and share their personal struggles and demons except when one woman individually sought out another woman to help her. I think this demonstrates how important it is to not judge someone on the outside thinking their life is perfect, but to get to know them first. When we serve others unselfishly, we help ourselves as well!
I could personally relate to a lot of Oliva’s inner turmoil and struggles with her relationship to her husband and children. I noticed that when Olivia decided to think about all the negative things about her spouse, that caused her more turmoil and anger. However, when she decided to start thinking about all the things he had done for her over the years and how she could help him and their relationship, her attitude seemed to improve and she had more hope in their future. I think that this is an important attitude that everyone should remember in any relationship.
I am looking forward to more books from “the Newport Ladies Book Club” in the upcoming year, especially so I can know what happens between Olivia and her husband.