Wednesday, February 27, 2013 exercise clothes shipment-February

Got my new clothes from the exercise clothes subscription site. WHOOHOO!!  
This month was the first month they switched over from being called PV Body and are now called "Ellie". They have their own line of clothes now instead of selling other brands like American Appeal and Nux Usa.
I was able to (4) pieces this month and I'm waiting for a couple more to come in the mail.

You can click on this link to get 20% off your first month subscription (making it $39.96) or you can click on my side toolbar as well.

I ordered the Forget me not pink tank in size medium, The vixen top (not pictured below) in size medium, the love struck leggings in size large and the heartbreaker capris in size large. I had also ordered My new obsession leggings but there was a mix up and now they are out of stock so I won't be able to get them. :-( However, I've been promised another pair of bottoms from the March collection!

Make sure to pay attention to the sizing chart since it runs small in my opinion!
I currently wear size medium tops and bottoms in my athletic clothes from walmart, target, kohls and victoria secret. However, I've found I need to wear mostly Larges in Ellie brand, some medium tops.

Here's the sizing:

XS (2-4) 32in bust, 24.5in waist, 35 in hips
S (4-6) 34in bust, 26.5in waist, 37in hips
M (6-8) 36in bust, 28.5in waist, 39in hips
L (8-10) 38in bust, 30.5in waist, 41in hips


In this picture I'm wearing the Forget me not tank and Love struck leggings.

I love the gray and black color detail down the side. The fabric is very nice and stretchy. Not scratchy at all. Has the reflective logo on the top. No pockets. They are long on me (Im 5,4)-wish they were about an inch shorter, but it didn't irrirate me while I was exercising so thats good.  
I love the thicker waist band. It sits on my natural waist (I hate low rise!) so it helps hold all the fat in place when you're jumping around! ;-) 

In this picture I'm wearing the Forget me not tank and the heartbreaker capris. Nothing special about the capris-go to just below my knee. I did contact Ellie to let them know my stitching kept breaking and they assured me that back in January they switched fabric or thread or something, so they shouldn't have that problem any more. They are sending me another pair to replace these.
There is a complete difference in the thread, stretch and feel of the capris versus the leggings, so I have no doubt they did switch some things from January to February and I'm sure there won't be a problem like this again... 

Back view of the Forget me now tank. How cool is that??!! Reflective logo on front and back of tank. Love the pink color. There is a shelf bra in this tank for minimal support. 

The next day I washed my leggings in my normal laundry cycle and hung them to dry (no dryer!). I wore them that morning for my 60 min TurboFire high impact cardio workout.
I LOVED them!! The stretch is perfect and stayed up during my entire workout. The fabric feels really nice, and again, I love the detail down the side of the leggings.  A+ on these leggings...

February Collection is ONLY AVAILABLE through tomorrow!! If a piece is incredibly popular, they MAY bring it back another month. But typically, what you see offered that month will only be available THAT MONTH!! So if you see something you like, grab it right away!!
It's $49.95 a month for two pieces (2 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 top and 1 bottom-whatever you want to do!) OR you can pay per piece and not have a monthly subscritpion.

You can also choose to skip months if you don't like what they offer that particular month, so its super easy and if you want to cancel after one shipmment you can do that too.

Just click on my link below to get 20% off your first month subscription (making it $39.96) or you can click on my side toolbar.

Happy shopping!!
Can't wait to show you my pieces I get in March!!

PS-Heres a SNEAK PEEK of the March collection!! Isn't it a great teaser??

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jessica Smith 30 day March challenge-FREE!

Welcome to the Jessica Smith 30 day March challenge!!

I’m so excited that you can join me this month. I decided to make this calendar with all of Jessica Smith's youtube videos in hopes of inspiring others to work out and to spread the word of Jessica’s FREE videos! I think its just awesome that she takes the time to make free videos for us several times a month!! There are not many fitness professionals who do that! So please make sure to thank her and check in on her facebook page “10 pounds down” here:!/pages/10-Pounds-DOWN/142506209147223?fref=ts

Here are the details to this challenge:

  • We start Friday March 1st and end Saturday March 30th. Rest days are on Sundays. Saturdays are optional if you are too sore, but don’t forget to do some stretching if you are. 
  • The videos highlighted in red mean you will need additional equipment like hand weights or resistance bands. Jessica does mention that if you don’t have these items, you can certainly do the videos without them. If there is anything that you feel is too difficult, just walk in place until you can feel comfortable with the moves. The purpose is to KEEP MOVING-don’t stop!! (as a side note: all her videos are family friendly, so you don’t have to worry about the music or what shes wearing!)
  • All videos are 20-40 mins in length so hopefully that will work with everyone’s schedule!! The length of the video is in parenthesis after the name. If you need something even shorter or want to add more time, check out Jessica Smith’s 10 min videos on her page here:

  • All the exercises are low to moderate intensity so don’t worry if you are out of shape or haven’t been exercising. I created this calendar for that very purpose! For those that are just beginning to  workout out, for those who are short on time, for those who want lower intensity workouts, and for those who want to do another workout in conjunction with something else.

  • Post pictures of you doing the videos on Jessica’s facebook page here: and/or on Instagram by using the hashtag #JessicaSmithChallenge. (You can friend me on Instagram if you would like to: rdevaughn4) This is totally optional but its alot of fun and really motivating to see others working out and following the same schedule that you are!


Welcome to the challenge and I look forward to seeing any comments or questions here on my blog!! Don’t forget to tell your friends to like “10 pounds down” on facebook and my blog, to join us for this month and hopefully upcoming challenges in the future!!

March 1-9 video links:



Barefoot Fusion Walk-20 mins

mat, barefoot



Dance Walk-27 mins

can be done with or without shoes



Stride & Strength-36 mins

need hand weights-5 pounds



Kickboxing abs-10 mins


Get flat & fab abs at home-10 mins



Standing abs-11 mins



Flow Yo Yoga-33 mins

mat, barefoot



Build a better booty-20 mins

bands, mat



Mat Fusion Flow-25 mins

mat, barefoot



Core Stretch-24 mins

mat, barefoot