Saturday, May 31, 2014

Natalie Jill Fitness #FlatBellyChallenge starts tomorrow! #nataliejillchallenge

Starting tomorrow June 1st, Natalie Jill's 30 day Flat Belly Challenge will be starting. I haven't done any workouts or challenges with her, so I'm excited to try it for the next month.  

Join the challenge here:

I am excited to join this challenge because she will be providing healthy gluten-free recipes as well as total body exercise videos during the challenge. She stated that her workouts would be around 10 minutes, so not a huge time commitment.  

She is also offering a coupon code for 20% off her nutrition programs from her website, but it is not necessary to buy anything for her free 30 day challenge. 

There will also be prizes, so make sure you go to the challenge loop link above to get all the details and rules.

I used her coupon code and purchased the 7 day jump start program which provides a very detailed list of foods and menu for a 7 day period. I need to go grocery shopping for some extra things to do the jump start, so I will probably start it next week and not this coming Monday. 

I will also be using her Gluten-Free guide and Workout at Home guide, both of which were offered free from Natalie's website. A couple months ago I purchased her Rev4 dvd so I will do a blog post review on that DVD sometime during the 30 day challenge. I personally purchased the DVD and 7 day Jumpstart but none of these things are necessary for the 30 day Flat Belly Challenge. 

Have you ever done any of Natalie Jill's youtube workouts? 
Post below if you will be joining this free challenge with me! 

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