Sunday, April 28, 2013

Product review for TaraFit "Trim in 10" dvd set and GIVEAWAY!!

This month I had the opportunity to try  "Trim in 10" dvd set by Tarafit. 
This program comes on 3 dvds with 6 (10 mins) workouts on each dvd; Strength Stackers, Cardio Challenges and Torso Tacklers. 

You will need some equipment in order to do some of the workouts. 
You will need: Mat, aerobics step, various dumbells, resistance bands, stability ball, barbell/dumbells/broom handle, optional medicine ball and optional weighted gloves. 

I previewed all of the workouts and wrote down what equipment I would need for each video so I could be prepared ahead of time. 

This is what the dvd front, back and inside looks like: 

It even comes with a schedule to follow for 3 different levels.

This lists the chapters so you know what workouts are on which dvd.

First I tried the "All ball" workout on the 3rd dvd-Torso Tacklers. 

I used my stability ball and 6 pound medicine ball. 

This is what I burned according to my Polar FT7 heart rate monitor. 
This was a great workout! I used my smaller stability ball and had a hard time with one of the moves and had to switch to my bigger stability ball. 

Next, I did the "Kickboxing" workout from the Torso Tacklers dvd. 

Used my weighted gloves. 

 This is what I burned for calories. 
This was a little different from what I thought it would be because it was on the floor, hence why it was on the Torso Tacklers dvd! ;-) But a great workout and felt it in my core immediately. 

On the second dvd Cardio Challenges I tried the "Cardio bounce" 

You can use any size stability ball you want to!

This is what I burned in calories. 
I did this workout with my mom and it was fun!! I always love doing workouts with my stability ball. It keeps your heart rate up the whole time because your hands are in the air. Some of the moves are  a little tricky so you definitely have to concentrate. 

Tried the "Step" workout from Cardio Challenges dvd. 

I had my stepper on the ground-no risers. 

This is what I burned. 
This was probably the hardest of the ones I've tried so far. My mom got lost after the first 2 minutes so she just went up and down the stepper to keep her heart rate up. I was able to follow along for most of it but got lost towards the end. I will definitely have to do this workout a couple of times before I master all the moves and can keep up. 

 The last workout I've tried was "Belly Burn" from Cardio Challenges. 
No equipment needed. 

wow what a great calorie burn!!
This workout was an awesome burn!! Very fast paced and kept my heart rate up! loved the burpees and pushups!! 

I have not had the opportunity to try any of the workouts from the strength stackers but I did preview them and they look great! I love strength workouts using hand weights. 

Before starting these workouts, keep in mind you should do a couple of minutes of a warm up. Because these workouts are only 10 minutes long, there is no time for warm up or cool downs on the discs. She does try to do about 15-30 seconds of cool down after some of the workouts. 
Depending on your skill level, you also might want to preview the workout before trying it. She jumps right into the workout, which can be overwhelming if you are not use to something fast paced like that.

My mom had a heard time keeping up with the pace and she commented that she would consider this program "intermediate" which I would tend to agree with. 
Anyone could do these workouts and modify them, (she has a girl on the left do modifications to make the moves easier) but if you aren't doing any kind of regular exercising, this dvd set may be hard to jump right into. 

I love that the workouts are 10 minutes because then I won't have an excuse that I don't have time to workout!! Who doesn't have 10 minutes?? I usually find that after 10 minutes I want to keep going and do another 10 and then another 10. I really liked the workouts that I've tried so far and can't wait to try the other ones... 

If you want more info about Tarafit, Her wesbite is:

Her Facebook page is here:

You can buy the set of 3 dvd workouts for $49.95 here: or you can buy each dvd separately for $19.95. 

Tarafit has graciously offered to send one of my blog readers this same dvd set for FREE-valued at $49.95!!

Open to US only-sorry no Canada or international addresses. 

This giveaway will start today April 28th and will end next Sunday May 5th at 6pm est. 

Mandatory entry: Please comment with your name and email address to contact you if you're the winner.

Optional second entry: Tell me what kind of exercise you like to do! 

If you are worried about privacy and don't want to leave your email address and just your name, thats fine but make sure to come back here Sunday night to see who the winner is!!

The winner will have 3 days to contact me with a mailing address before I redraw another name on Thursday. 

Tarafit will then mail your dvd set to you directly. 

Good Luck!! 

Sorry, Tara is correct!! she does do light exercises for the first minute that will warm up your body before jumping into the rest of the exercises!! ;-) I personally prefer to walk in place for a couple of minutes before starting a workout. 

Thanks for a great, honest review, Rachel! I'm glad you found an enjoyable intensity and found the workouts challenging enough to require more than one session to master it (otherwise it's boring!). I would like to clarify that each workout does have a designated warm up included in the 10 minutes. It is brief at 1-ish minute but the body needs just a small temp increase to ensure safe exercise. You may not have realized you were doing the warm up because it's incorporated into the workout choreography with a smooth transition right to the meat of the session! For instance, in the Strength Stackers the first few exercises are always done with very light or no weights to signal the body as to what is coming. In the Torso Tacklers, exercises are kept in a small range of motion at first to allow the core to warm up. In the Cardio Challenges, choreography is kept easier and in smaller motions or low impact before moving to higher intensity. Thanks again and keep in touch with your continued use and results! Best of luck to all those hoping to win the FREE DVD set!!!

-Tara, TaraFit

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ellie-exercise clothes March subscription review

Finally got my March shipment from my Ellie subscription about 2 weeks ago. They had issues with the fabric and sent their shipments back to the warehouse to remake them-or something to that effect. Anyway-there has been alot of drama online because its been taking a month to get orders filled. Honestly though, I'm not in a hurry and I know I will get my shipment plus usually a little freebie so I'm not complaining. I've always gotten my orders and if I have an issue, I email them right away.
February was the first month they introduced their own brand. (see my previous postings) so the March collection (Little black collection) was their second month.
I ordered the Black Widow Tank in size large and Raven Capri in size large. I specifically ordered the black widow tank in size large because the description says body hugging. I can wear either a size medium or large depending on the style.
Here are the website descriptions:

Black Widow Tank

Don't let the name scare you, this body hugging tank will leave you feeling fearless. Contoured style lines and mesh overlay panels enhance a slimmer shape. Its intricate design paired with its mesh detailing will spin a web of fashion envy amongst everyone in your favorite spin class!
  • Key Features:
  • Built-in shelf bra creates added support
  • Open-back design supports full range of motion
  • Mesh detailing keeps you dry and cool
  • Thin flexible straps allow you to twist and move freely
  • Flat seams for a chafe-free fit
  • Product Specs:
  • designed for: gym, cycling, yoga
  • fabric(s): EllieProTex, Power Mesh
  • properties: chafe-resistant, breathable, four-way stretch
  • shelf bra: yes
  • support level: medium
  • coverage: medium
  • fit: body hugging
  • length: low hip

Raven Capri

Not just your everyday black capri, this pant is a twist on everyone's favorite workout staple. The double waistband sits perfectly on the waist and with a subtle black mesh overlay you'll want to show it off.
  • Key Features:
  • Soft like cotton and won’t wrinkle, shrink, fade or bag
  • 4-way stretch that moves with you
  • Don’t sweat it, moisture wicking fabric keeps you dry
  • Brave the elements! This piece is water, wind and tear resistant
  • Fabric is preshrunk, so no worries when it comes to laundry day
  • Flat seams for a chafe-free fit
  • Product Specs:
  • designed for: run, gym, yoga
  • fabric(s): EllieProTex, Power Mesh
  • properties: chafe-resistant, breathable, four-way stretch
  • rise: mid
I'm also waiting on my Black swan tank which I haven't gotten yet but was assured it would get to me soon.

You can click on this link to get 20% off your first month subscription (making it $39.96) or you can click on my side toolbar as well.

Make sure to pay attention to the sizing chart since it runs small in my opinion!
I currently wear size medium tops and bottoms in my athletic clothes from walmart, target, kohls and victoria secret. However, I've found I need to wear mostly Larges in Ellie brand, some medium tops.

Here's the sizing:

XS (2-4) 32in bust, 24.5in waist, 35 in hips
S (4-6) 34in bust, 26.5in waist, 37in hips
M (6-8) 36in bust, 28.5in waist, 39in hips
L (8-10) 38in bust, 30.5in waist, 41in hips
My thoughts:
I really love both pieces! When I first pulled out my Black widow top my first thought was "wow this is alot thicker than I thought!" I was pleased with the size large so its not so form fitting even though I'm sure a medium would also fit. I love the mesh detailing!! I love wearing tops that are unique-it makes me feel sexy and excited about working out. I also love the length-I hate short tops because then they ride up my back when I'm working out.
The Raven Capri's remind me of my kiss me capri's (that I got from Ellie last month) which I love love, so I'm glad about that. I hate low rise exercise pants. These sit on my waist and have the cool mesh waistband detail and super stretchy!! Even after wearing them for several hours, they are still comfy and keep their shape. I was really really pleased with the quality this month!!
disclaimer: I wanted to take pictures outside so the detailing of the pieces would be easier to see. However that day it was very sunny/bright and windy. :-)
Detailing of the back of the widow tank
Notice the side mesh detailing-its on the left and right

Decided to take pictures inside...

This is close up of Raven capris so you can see the mesh detail

You can click on this link to get 20% off your first month subscription (making it $39.96) or you can click on my side toolbar as well.

Hope you enjoyed this review and pictures... I can't wait to get my April pieces from the Coral collection!! I ordered them yesterday and they've already shipped!!
Ellie waited to post the new collection until they had the pieces IN STOCK so there wouldn't be any long waits like this past month. The company has come a long way since they started a couple months ago and they continue to get better. If you aren't in any hurry to get your pieces every month, you should check them out on facebook and their website!! I expect once they figure things out with the shipping and making of their clothes, they will be awesome competition to many clothing brands!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aurorae Northern Lights Sunset Yoga Mat product review!

Today I wanted to do a product review on the Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat!
My husband and I have been using this mat every day for over a month now and we love it! It is the perfect thickness for the use of Yoga and Cardio workouts.
The one we got is called "sunset" which is different shades of orange. It reminds me of a perfect sunset. Its so relaxing and peaceful just to look at it!
After using this mat for over a month, it is still in perfect condition with no tears or worn spots. The grip is really good and we love that its extra long length!  

Product Description

  • Exciting New Northern Lights Design that Illuminates Energy/ w Golden Sun Focal Icon to help Focus
  • PER Eco Safe and Biodegradable material/ SGS approved, worlds largest testing agency
  • Extra Long 72" x 24" Wide and 5 mm Thick to absorb impact on joints/ No Odor, Durable and Long Lasting
  • Each individual mat has a uniqueness of its own and no two mats are exactly the same
  • Great Service and All Products Guaranteed by Owner. 5 Star Feedback
With the flow of our universe's solar winds and the magnetic energy from its ultimate source, the sun, Aurorae's Northern Lights has been created. Dance with nature's spirits and from this incredible Illumination, draw the power and potential within yourself.It was our feeling at Aurorae that we needed to develop a yoga mat that could draw out the potential that is within all of us. We pushed our engineers to develop a design that replicates the Natural Phenomenon and Energy Source of Northern Lights.
Each individual mat has a uniqueness of its own and no two mats are exactly the same.
We are happy to say we have now accomplished that, so find the Power and Potential within you and Live It.
CUSTOMER SERVICE We at Aurorae are here to serve you as best as possible! We value 5 star service so if for any reason you are unsatisfied please contact me directly through Amazon before writing your review and I am committed to do whatever possible to resolve it.
Machine wash gentle cycle, Warm Water & detergent.
Hang dry outside in the sun if possible. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. Your mat must be absolutely dry before use.
To keep your mat clean and fresh, spray Aurorae Yoga Mat Wash directly onto mat and let soak then wipe or air dry. This will disinfect, restore and keep your mat fresh and clean.
Wash your hands with soap and water before class to reduce any natural oils in your hands.
Do not use creams or oils on your hands or feet before your practice.
Always keep a cotton towel* (available by Aurorae) near you to wipe away any perspiration.
If necessary use an Aurorae Yoga Rosin Bag to absorb any perspiration and increase gripping power.
Remember "It's Your Yoga" "Your Island of Peace and Tranquility"

Aurorae offers yoga mats in illuminating colors, a focal point icon and extra long in length. Aurorae offers the best reviewed yoga mats, accessories & props online. You can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga accessories and yoga props here: and

Here are some personal pictures of our whole family using the mat!!

I would definitely recommend this yoga mat to anyone serious about wanting a good long lasting mat!! Check out their website and amazon shopping page to see all the different styles of yoga mats as well as "accessories" like yoga straps and mats. Their customer service is very fast and pleasant to deal with .  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Ellie clothes! and sneak peak of April collection!

I am loving all my new Ellie clothes!! 
If you are new to Ellie and want to see the collection, you can view it here: 
Typically each collection is only available for that month. 
Below are some pictures from the February collection, which some are still available. 

After Dark Tank Top
with shelf bra
size large

Kiss Me Capri
size large

Peek a Boo Tank
size medium 

 Wearing my new clothes and posting pictures on Instagram

First, the after dark tank top is my favorite! I can wear size medium but I didn't want my tank to be skin tight which is why I got the large. ;-) I just love the straps and my husband and son complimented me and said it looked really "cool". I have since worn in several times and it washes and wears perfect! 

Second, I love the kiss me capris. I love that they have the pink waistband and it sits on my waist so I don't have to worry about pulling them up or bending down and my underwear showing. Sadly, the large fits me perfectly instead of size medium which I typically wear in other exercise brand clothes. 
CHECK THE SIZING CHART because it does run small. The fabric feel great and stretches. I have also worn this piece several times and washed it and still good as new!! 

Last, I ordered the peek a boo tank as my running shirt. I don't like to wear just a sports bra but I always get very hot and sweaty while running so this is the perfect solution!! It covers up my sports bra but is light and airy so that I'm not wearing a thick second layer. As you can see from the picture, it has this cool back slit. (I am wearing my victoria secret sports bra underneath in the picture) I haven't gotten to try this top out in action outside running because its been very cold here in VA, but hopefully soon!! 

Now, on to the exciting sneak peek of theApril collection called: 

The following was written by the Ellie staff and emailed to me this week: 

"Coral Crush was inspired by combining the vibrant, coral color trending on all the latest catwalks and the retro Southern California feel, encompassing the carefree and active lifestyle we all love to love. 

To ensure that that we are shipping orders the same day they are processed, we’re pushing the release back a few days to make sure everything is in stock.  Our target launch date for the Coral Crush collection is April 10th.  We're excited to offer our customers a superior experience by focusing on production rather than driving new sales for the first week of the month. "

So, there you have it-some pictures of the current collection and a quick video (see below for the link) of the new collection. I won't tell you how many times I paused the video to look at the pieces more closely. I am loving the capris and a tank top I saw!! 

Click on the sidebar to the right if you want to save 20% off your first months order of Ellie. Let me know if you have any questions! 

Heres the video link: