Friday, June 22, 2012

Purse Cards-FREE until June 30th!

Today I have a great freebie for you!!  Purse Cards!

Think tea parties, bridal showers, baby showers, baby announcements: the possibilites are endless what you can do with these cute cards.  They even work great as a fun dress-up for little girls.


PS-You don't have to have MyMemories Digital software to be able to make these cards!! You can download them as an external file and create your purse cards that way. or you can download a FREE trial version of MyMemories from their website: If you want to purchase this awesome software-make sure to use my special code: STMMMS18853 so you can save $10 off the software AND receive $10 merchandise credit. 

Now onto making some purse cards!!

pink and purple purse cards

baby boy themed diaper bag cards

pink and black houndstooth purse cards

Using MyMemories Software to Customize your Purse Cards
  1. Download template file and install it into your software
  2. Using MyMemories Suite, choose Create Album From Designer Template and find your project
  3. Now you can print and enjoy the provided template, or customize it with your own papers and embellishments.

You can right-click on the white guide and lock it in place to keep it from moving while you are working. Make sure this is the top layer of your project before printing.

Instead of adding the paper as a background paper, you can add it as an embellishment so that you can move the paper around.  This is especially useful when using papers with stripes or circles, so you can decide which part of the paper you want to use.

Once it is added as an embellishment, you can now select the paper and move it into the position you want it.

Just SAVE and PRINT on cardstock!

Purse Card Tutorial

1.  Print your Purse Card templates on cardstock and gather supplies.  (Recommended supplies: small craft scissors, bone folder, 8-12" of ribbon, stapler, tape or velcro)
TIP: To print your information on the inside create another page with the template in place.  Put all your text and embellishments in (leaving a little room on the edges) and then remove the template right before exporting or printing the inside page on the back of the first.  This will keep from having to worry about if the templates line up exactly when cutting out your card.
front of sample cardback of sample card

2.  Using the scissors cut along outside line.
sample card cut out

3.  Fold card at indentations.
TIP: Using a bone folder will help you get crisp edges on your project.
folded sample card

4.  Repeat by folding down top flap.
top piece folded down on sample card

5.  Staple ribbon to both sides of your card on the inside to look like a strap or handle.
add ribbon to sample card

6.  Enjoy the finished cards and share.  Don't forget to use your imagination.  The possibilites are endless!
finished sample cards

Don't forget to visit their website for more details on this digital scrapbooking software: and make sure to use my special code: STMMMS18853 to save $10 off the software plus $10 of merchandise credit!! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Bumble Collection Erica Carryall diaper bag review

Today I wanted to do a product review for the Erica Carryall Bumble Collection diaper bag. I have several Bumble collection products, including different size bags, carseat cover and playmat. I love these products! They are fashionable, sturdy and WASHABLE!!
The Erica Carryall

  • Water Resistant & Stain Resistant
  • Hard Bottom
  • Matching Stroller Straps
  • Coordinating Pacifier Pod
  • Adjustable & Removable Shoulder Straps
  • Soil proof change pad
  • Matching Shoulder Strap Pad
  • Multiple pockets: two interior bottle pockets, two exterior drawstring bottle pockets, one exterior back pocket, one interior zipper pocket and four flat pockets for diapers and wipes.
Measurements: Length: 16 inches x Width: 5 inches x Height: 11.5 inches
Please visit the website for pricing and complete details:

Below are some pictures I took of the empty bag and then how much it will carry with all the toddler stuff I carry in my diaper bag.

I also took a video to show you more specifics about the bag and all the fun little pockets!
Please go to The Bumble Collection facebook page to view my videos.. thanks! :-)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Growing Season product review

Hello again!! Today I wanted to do a product review for this ADORABLE soft quiet book I got in the mail this week. 
The company is called "My Growing Season" and they describe their products on their website as, "Classic cloth interactive quiet books and soft toys are designed to spark learning, develop motor skills, and embrace educational play.  Ideal for church, travel, appointments, visiting relatives, or any place a busy day takes you."
I ordered this book on May 22 and got 15% off by using "Freebies2Deals" website coupon code. (The promo code for 15% off has expired now, but keep checking their facebook page for more sales!)
It came the next week so I was impressed by the fast shipping. 
When I opened up my package, this is what it looked like: 
How cute is this??!! It was wrapped in thick cellophane which first, makes it easy to give as a gift immediately and second, ensures that water leaking thru the mailing package will not damage the book. Brilliant!! 
Second, I was surprised to see an envelope with my first name on it-how personal is that?! Inside was a front/back business card handout with their company name and website and a brief note thanking me for my order and saying that they "replace missing pieces". How cool is that?! Now I don't have to stress if I lose a ladybug piece! 
I was just really impressed with the little customer service things with the packaging (complete with ribbon tied on the top) and my name on the card, making the note much more personal in my opinion. Its not very often that I feel a company appreciate my business or goes out of their way to do nice details. 
This is what it looks like outside the packaging:
I love the zipper-it opens and closes very nicely-very sturdy! Again, I won't have to worry about pieces falling out like a traditional soft book or flannel story book. The padded thick handles are so cute and would be easy for any child to hold onto their book.
Here are some views of the inside of the book:

The pieces easily come in and out of the slots. This book was not cheaply made or thrown together! The sewing and detail work are amazing!! Well worth the money-with or without a coupon code!! I can't wait for my son to enjoy this quiet book at church. Thumbs up to this company!