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No More Frumpy Mommy ‘Moms’ Night Out’ Challenge Day 2 with Tricia Goyer

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What's your best advice on how to get to church on time with kids?

I have 2 boys-ages 12 and almost 4 and trying to get them (and daddy!) up and dressed including myself can be challenging Sunday mornings when I'm so exhausted from the week! My church starts at 9am so we have to leave between 830-840am to get there a few minutes early. My church also lasts for 3 hours so I also pack snacks for the car ride home because we all get pretty hungry by the time church is over!

-I lay out clothes the night before so we already know what to wear. This is especially important for myself since I seem to change outfits multiples times because I don't like how I look in something... if I figure out my outfit the night before and try stuff on, I never have problems in the morning. The kids also keep their dressers organized and shoes put away in a specific spot, so getting them dressed is alot easier because we can the house organized and picked up. I would totally recommend getting a "shoe basket" or something similar to put all shoes into, so you never have to hunt for matching shoes!

-I gather up church books and pack the kids activity quiet bag the night before. My hubby and I teach sunday school for adults, so we use a couple manuals and our scriptures so I gather them up and put them in one place. It also helps every week to have a church bag of christian magazines, books, coloring stuff etc. for my 4 year old to stay quiet during the main church service.

-I pack snacks for everyone either the night before or that morning. non messy stuff like cheese sticks, bananas, crackers, protein bar for me, water.

-I GET UP ON TIME!! This is crucial!! If I sleep in or get up late, then everyone else gets up late, we all rush around totally stressed trying to get ready and out the door. We share one bathroom so its VERY important for me to be up around 645-7am so I have time to shave, shower, do my hair, get dressed and then get the boys up around 730-745. If I'm running on time and not stressed; then the rest of the family seems to be as well. There is nothing worse then being grumpy and late when trying to feel the spirit of God and getting ready for church!!

Make sure you check out the blog post from day 2 mentioned above for more ideas!!

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