Thursday, July 17, 2014

week 4 recap #nataliejillfitness Instagram Challenge and Round 2 of #7dayjumpstart

Here is my week 4 recap of the Natalie Jill Fitness challenge I finished up in June.
(June 23-June 28th workouts)

Here's my blog post with more specifics about the challenge.

You can find all the challenge videos here:

30 mins Leslie Sansone, 10 min butt lift workout and Natalie Jill challenge.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday REST DAYS

Leslie Sansone 30 mins and Natalie Jill Fitness workout

30 mins Leslie Sansone, Natalie Jill Fitness workout and swimming. 

Round 1 of my results for 7 day jumpstart are here: 

Did Round 2 and did alot better with my eating. Didn't lose any weight (I didn't exercise every day)-instead I maintained my loss from Round 1 so I'm happy with that. As you can see from some of my pictures, I didn't follow the program 100% but I tried to follow it closely and substitute approved foods from the list. 

I will continue to eat like this because I'm pleased with how easy this program is to follow and how good I feel. I definitely recommend this program!! 

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