Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Week 1 of #piyo with #chalenejohnson as well as #JessicaSmithTV challenge and #popsugarfitness #squatchallenge

This was my exercise routine for Sunday June 29-Saturday July 5th.

I started my first week of PIYO, along with doing some Jessica Smith TV youtube workouts and PopSugarFitness July squat challenge. 

I posted a youtube video of my PIYO kit but here's what my deluxe kit comes with. 

The calendar I made for the PIYO two month challenge. 

Sunday workout: 
Align: The Fundamentals

Monday workout: 
30 mins Leslie Sansone, 10 mins Natalie Jill Fitness video. 

PIYO Lower Body, 1 mile Leslie Sansone, 20 mins Jessica Smith TV day 1 challenge. 

PIYO upper body, JessicaSmithTV day 2 challenge, Day 1&2 squat challenge

1 miles Leslie Sansone, PIYO sweat, day 3 squat challenge 

2 hours plus of yard work and house cleaning for 4th of July! 

JessicaSmithTV day 5 video and day 5 squat challenge

How I felt about PIYO this week:
I have been super excited to try this program and have posted alot about it!! This was my first week and the workouts were good but not "wow" like I wanted them to be. I've been doing Natalie Jill Fitness for the past 4 or 5 weeks which is just using body weight, and I'm burned out by doing that. PIYO is also using just using your body weight, so I was a little bored and restless with doing PIYO. It's not a bad program, I know it will help me in the future, and I will not be returning it; it's just not a program I want to do right now. I will be switching to a program that uses hand weights instead.
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How I felt about the JessicaSmithTV challenge this week:
Been doing her workout videos off and on for years and love her!! All of her videos are family friendly and she's encouraging and enthusiastic. I will continue to do her challenge videos off and on this month.

How I felt about the squat challenge this week: 
LOVED it!! It's not hard on my knees and it's a great warm up before I begin my other workouts for the morning. I will hopefully stick with this challenge the entire month!

What workouts did you do this week?

Have you heard of PIYO or Jessica Smith TV?
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