Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 30 #thedanielplan #danielstrong check in with 2 free workout videos!

It's time for our third check in for The Daniel Plan 40 day program.

Day 30 is today Tuesday July 29th so it's time to evaluate how we've done and what can be done better.

Have you been able to finish reading the whole The Daniel Plan book?
What did you like about it and how did it help you?

My goal is to go back thru it again this week and pick out some things to focus on in my every day life.

I have been TRYING to use The Daniel Plan journal every day because when I use it, it helps me be more mindful of what I'm eating and what I'm thankful for. Unfortunately I have gotten behind, so last week I decided to go back to logging my food and calories with MYFITNESSPAL app. I still look at the journal, but to be honest its hard to remember to use it, and post my food calories online, and keep track of things on my blog.

One of the five essentials to the program is Food! 

Have you been following The Daniel Plan nutrition guide or another food guide? I would encourage you to make one change-it doesn't have to be a big change-to your nutrition this week. I have been trying to be dairy and gluten free as well as little to no sugar. So far it's going great and overall I feel alot better!   

Remember to eat lots of veggies and fruits!! 

Another essential to the program is FITNESS. 

I used the hashtag #thedanielplan and #danielstrong on my fitness Instagram pictures, if you want to check out what I've been doing. I'm on week 4 of Jillian Michaels which I have been loving!! 

What workouts do you enjoy??

One of the things I like about my journal is that it asks me every day what I'm thankful for! 

Another element to The Daniel Plan is Friends. 
I hope my blog check in has been helpful to those of you following this plan and wanting support and motivation! 

We won't be having a giveaway for this third check-in like I had planned. Instead, I will be awarding the 3rd prize to Rayelle Williamson who has checked into my blog and made comments on day 10 and day 20, as well as followed The Daniel Plan 10 day detox from the book!! I'm so proud of her!

Need some fitness motivation?
Check out these two free workout videos by JessicaSmithTV below:

I hope you have had an awesome time living The Daniel Plan Lifestyle these past 30 days.
Our FINAL check in will be on day 40 so check back here for a chance to win the grand prize!

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