Friday, July 18, 2014

Week 1 #JillianMichaels #bodyrevolution last week

I started my first week of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution this week! I also continued to do some Jessica Smith TV challenge videos and the daily squat challenge with PopSugarFitness.

I LOVED my first week of Body Revolution!! Jillian is not as hardcore and mean as I thought she would be. I am scared though because she keeps saying that week 1 and 2 are easy compared to the rest of the program. Yikes! I bought this program online a couple of years but was always scared to start it.

Every time I did a video I tried to progress with my hand weights so I felt like I was making progress. I did take 2 rest days this week so I haven't tried her cardio 1 dvd yet. Jillian is very inspiring and very clear with demonstrating each move. She typically shows how to do moderate and advanced moves for each exercise as well. I would not consider her "family friendly" because she does use swear words through out the 30 minute program so if my kids are around, I turn the volume really low.

Here's how my week looked for July 6-12: 

Body Revolution disc 1 with hand weights; day 6 & 7 squat challenge, and JS abs buns thighs cardio video. 

Body Revolution disc 2 with hand weights and band; JS cardio ball blast video. 

Wednesday- rest day

Body Revolution disc 1 with hand weights; 25 min Jessica Smith video.

Friday-rest day

Body Revolution disc 2 with hand weights and band; day 9, 10, 11 squat challenge.

Some of my food this week:

How did you do with your personal exercising and nutrition goals last week? 

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