Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#7dayjumpstart program by #nataliejillfitness Results and Nutrition Pictures

I've been participating in the #nataliejillfitness challenge during the month of June and decided to use the 20% off coupon code to purchase her digital 7 day jumpstart program. I didn't find alot of reviews online, so hopefully my review will help others. 

This program is designed for women and is a nutrition/lifestyle guide only (not a workout plan). This was exactly what I wanted and needed!! 

I read thru the entire booklet (36 pages) and then printed off the grocery list, list of approved foods and 7 day menu plan. All the foods on the list are normal every day "clean" foods and I was still able to stay dairy and gluten free while following her plan. 

I did the plan 2 weeks ago and felt great the entire time I did it! No cravings for dairy or sugar which was big for me, plus I felt FULL and most times never had my 6th meal of the day. I'm disappointed in myself that on day 6 and day 7 I didn't follow the plan 100% because of fathers day weekend and eating other foods not on the approved list. :-( 

So I will still share with you what I ate every day and my weight loss (WHOOHO!!) but understand that I'm not perfect and I didn't do the program 100%. I also did exercise along with this nutrition program. Results will obviously vary depending on your exercise and how well you follow the nutrition plan. 

I started round 2 yesterday and I'm determined to do a full 7 days according to the program so check back with me next week for round 2 results.  
If you want to purchase your own digital copy of this program you can find it here:

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Before starting the program I went thru the menu and made personal adjustments and then went grocery shopping so I had most of the food for the week. (you will need ALOT of eggs!) I'm not going to lie-it takes alot of time to do food prep for every meal, especially since I work outside the home. But after a couple of days I got use to it and I loved that I was finally feeling better-no bloating or gassy feelings after I ate. and I felt full. and had no cravings for sugar, dairy or breads.  

Here's what my food looked like for the 7 day jumpstart program: 

(Food prep at work)








3.6 pounds lost in 7 days! I'm thrilled!! 

I can't wait to see my results after round 2-hoping for the same or better weight loss! My cravings are gone, my pants fit better, and my energy level is alot better!!  

Have you been doing the #nataliejillchallenge this month? 
Have you done any of her virtual programs, like this 7 day jumpstart, before? 

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  1. Looks like a good program. You are doing great and the food looks good too.