Monday, July 21, 2014

EveryMove: A website that rewards you for staying active!! plus a GIVEAWAY!!

I am so excited to share with my readers about a new website that I've been using the past couple of months. 
It's called: 
 Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat

About EveryMove:
EveryMove is on a mission to get the millions of Americans who are investing in their health the recognition and real-life rewards they deserve! Join an infectious, can-do community of EveryMovers who use their favorite tracking devices and apps to earn points for their active days. Our patent-pending EveryMove points system translates hundreds of different physical activities into a common metric, which allows users the freedom to switch up their tracking devices and workouts and interact with friends, no matter how they choose to move. 

Where to find EveryMove: 
Mobile app for iPhone:

·                     Enjoy Tracking Device Freedom
An unparalleled integration infrastructure allows users to sync seamlessly with hundreds of tracking devices, fitness applications, and even gym equipment. Sweat with FitBit, Jawbone UP, Moves, Nike+ Running app, MyFitnessPal, LifeFitness treadmills, and many more!

·                     Sweat Better Together
 Users join a thriving online community where they can connect with friends, co-workers, and family to cheer each other on and compete on leaderboards – no matter how they workout or which devices and apps they use!

·                     Keep Doing What You Do
EveryMove users can earn points for hundreds of activities, from yoga to yard work, making the platform engaging and accessible to a wide range of active lifestyles.

·                     Reap the Real Life Rewards
On EveryMove, sweat is rewarded with badges, levels, active day bonuses, offers from brands, and charitable donation opportunities.

My thoughts about EveryMove:
I signed up for the Free EveryMove app a couple of months ago. I love that it syncs to my facebook, twitter, fitbit, myfitnesspal, and runkeeper apps. There's many more apps to choose from as well.

Because I exercise almost every day I've been able to earn several rewards-8 rewards actually. I haven't used all of them, but I have gotten some great discounts on some things like a Barre3 kit/subscription and a POUND exercise dvd pack. I'm also waiting on my free LUV dream flats. 

The only complaint that I have about the EveryMove program is that I wish they offered more free rewards, not just discounts. Sometimes I earn a discount and then don't end up using it because I don't want to buy any products from the company's website so my discount goes to waste. :-( I think that the more popular this app gets, hopefully the better the incentives will be!! 

The website is super easy to use and it's fun to interact with my EveryMove buddies. 
All you have to do is go to the website and sign up for your free account! Start logging your activities and you are on the way to earning rewards!! It's that simple!! 

If you want to "friend" me on EveryMove, my name is "Rachel Williamson DeVaughn". 

I am very excited that I get to offer one of my blog readers a massive EVERYMOVE PRIZE PACK!! US only-see below for details on how to win thru rafflecopter.     

The prize pack will include:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I am most excited about the $100 Skora prize but they are all great!

  2. Just downloaded the app! Thanks for sharing - it seems like a great idea!