Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 6-7, Phase 2 recap of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

My workouts for Week 6-7 of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

August 11-16 (week 6)
August 18-23 (week 7)

(30) mins Leslie Sansone, (37) mins Jillian Michaels #5

(15) mins Leslie Sansone, (32) mins Jillian Michaels #6

Later that day on Tuesday I had a minor procedure done on my big toe, which prevented me from exercising Wednesday and Thursday. :-( 

AM yoga

Friday evening: 
15 mins of walking around the park, 30 mins of tennis with my boys! 

Rest day on Sat and Sun. 

I have at least one salad every day! Usually for lunch when I'm at work. 

(36) mins Jillian Michaels #7

(37) mins Jillian Michaels #8

(20) mins cardio Barre, (16) mins Leslie Sansone

Rest Day

(36) mins Jillian Michaels #7, (15) mins Leslie Sansone

(33) mins Jillian Michaels #8, (15) Leslie Sansone

Garden fresh tomatoes!!

During week 7 I made an effort to drink my protein drink within 30 mins of working out. I've had to adjust my morning routine with getting dressed and getting ready for work; but I've been AMAZED how much ENERGY I have now and how much fuller I feel when I eat within 30 mins of working out!! whoohooo!!

I only have one more week (week 8) before I'm done with Phase 2 of JM Body Revolution. I am loving this program!!

What exercise program are you currently doing?

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  1. I am currently training for a 15K with a program from Run the Edge- I love it! You look good in the pics by the way!