Friday, September 26, 2014

#dailyMNB Challenge with Jill Conyers and LornaJaneActive on Instagram-Fitness Friday linkup

I'm doing another FITNESS FRIDAY LINKUP today!

This past week I participated with @JillConyers @thefitswitch @jativey and @lornajaneactive for their 7 day Instagram #dailyMNB challenge.

The challenge was to post my daily goal or intention on how I would MOVE, NOURISH, and BELIEVE on that day.

Move, Nourish, and Believe is Lorna Jane's moto and they frequently have challenges to encourage women to live by those daily.

The challenge started on Monday September 15 and ended on Sunday September 21st.

Here are my daily challenge pictures I posted on Instagram:

I really liked taking the time every morning to ponder on what I was going to do for the day. Especially in the Nourish and Believe department. I constantly struggle with positive self talk, so this was a great challenge for me!! and even more exicting was the fact that Jill Conyers contacted me and said I was one of the winners! WHOOHOO!!


  1. Oh this is nice to do. Daily reminders rae really necessary.

  2. You rocked the challenge and inspired others to live their best most beautiful life!

    I see a Shakeology ad on your sidebar. Are you a BB coach?

    1. Thanks so much!! I use to be a BB coach a couple of years ago, but I am not any longer... I love shakeology and their workouts though!!