Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#naturade super fan of the week!

I'm so excited that I was chosen to be the SuperFan of the week for Naturade!
I love their protein powders-they taste good and they are gluten free, dairy free and no dyes!

Have you ever tried any of their products? You should definitely check them out. I highly recommend their products!!

SuperFan of the Week: Rachel DeVaughn

Rachel DeVaughn lives in Virginia with her husband and two boys. In her spare time she loves to blog, read, scrapbook, exercise and spend time with her family.
Rachel hasn’t always lived a healthy, active lifestyle. After having her second baby in the summer of 2010, she reached her highest weight of 250 pounds! Rachel was tired of being winded with walking up the stairs and not having energy to play with her boys, so in the summer of 2011 she decided to start making some lifestyle changes. Since that time, Rachel has lost over 85 pounds and has kept it off simply by starting small and being consistent.
Rachel started walking 15 minutes at a time, counting calories, and eating healthier; and has now progressed to doing 45-60 minutes of exercise daily. Rachel enjoys trying new workout programs at home and different healthy foods. She likes to share with others what she’s doing on her blog and with doing product reviews. She also loves to exercise with her two boys and strives to be a good example with her fitness and nutrition for her family and friends.
Rachel found Naturade products online last year when she was searching for dairy free protein powders that would be tasty and have good ingredients. Since Rachel is mostly living a gluten free, dairy free lifestyle, she said “Naturdade has been the perfect choice for me! The Chocolate VeganSmart tastes amazing and my son loves when I share my protein drink with him. and I can share with him knowing he won’t have issues drinking it since its dairy free and nothing artificial in it.”  Rachel loves to make her Naturade Chocolate protein drink with water, frozen fruit and spinach leaves.
Rachel hopes to be able to inspire others through her actions and on her blog. Rachel firmly believes that healthy eating and exercising needs to be a lifestyle commitment, not a temporary quick fix. You can keep up with Rachel on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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