Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Messy Beautiful Love" by Darlene Schacht-Pre order and get LOTS of freebies!! LIMITED TIME ONLY!

I've been given the wonderful opportunity to be apart of christian author, Darlene Schacht's launch team for her new book "Messy Beautiful Love". I was given the new e-book and pre-order freebies complimentary for blog and social media review.

I started reading the book last week and have read several chapters now. I pre-ordered the book too because I love to make notes and and highlight, and I've found lots of things that I wanted to remember and apply just in the first couple of chapters.

One thing I loved that the author said on page 13: "When I started exchanging God's ideas for mine, I realized that a beautiful marriage is not only possible; its inevitable. That's something to be excited about! That's what this book is about: exchanging God's ideas for ours and tuning out the world so that we might quietly tune into Him."

This quote below is from page 55. The author said, "Sacrificial love is what the best marriages are made of. We stepped into our marriage with the commitment to love, honor, and cherish each other until death...If you want to stand strong in the faith, you have to start by planting your feet firmly in Christ. Get into the Word, get into prayer, and most important, get into the right relationship with the Father..."

I really needed to see this. At times I feel very discouraged about my marriage and feel like I'm the only one trying to make positive changes and make an effort. This is such a powerful comment and is very true!!
God doesn't give up on me, no matter my choices or my attitude or my mistakes. I shouldn't be negative or want to give up just because things don't go my way or because I'm upset about something my husband said or did.

I loved this book quote below too-from page 9 in the book- when the author is sharing something personal with her father that happened and was very troubling to her.

What do you think about this quote?
I find it very comforting! Obviously we shouldn't continue to sin or purposely make bad choices, but knowing that each day we can start "fresh" and be forgiven because of God's mercy is very hopeful and wonderful!

I will continue to share more pictures and quotes of the book over the next couple of weeks and hopefully they will help and encourage some of you.

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