Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Wedding List by Autumn Maccarthur -Book review

The Wedding ListThe Wedding List by Autumn Macarthur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a fun, simple, romantic story between James and Beth which took place in London. The story is about love, forgiveness and finding God. I liked that the chapters went back and forth between what James was thinking, and then what Beth was thinking and saying. I liked that James was a Godly man and tried to be a good christian example and do the right thing at all times.
Good story-light reading.
I received this book complimentary from the author for blog and social media review-all opinions are my own.

You never forget your first love...

With her eye for design and her cut-glass accent, no-one would guess Beth Forrest’s impoverished background. It’s all throw pillows, china patterns, and upper class brides as she manages the Wedding Registry at Pettett & Mayfield, the stately maiden aunt of London department stores. It’s not quite her dream job, but each bride she helps to select beautiful and oh-so-expensive items for their gift list brings her one step closer to buying a little home of her own, and financing the education she longs for.

When physics professor James Tetherton-Hart, brilliant in his research lab but awkward and disorganized in everyday life, comes to the store in desperate need of both a gift and a partner for a wedding that evening and recognizes her, all her careful plans and meticulous checklists are turned upside down.

Now her first love is back, determined to make her his partner for life, not just the evening. But unless Beth can let go of the mistaken beliefs that separated them in the past, and appreciate the depth and breadth of God’s love for us all, her only gift from the wedding will be another heartbreak.

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