Wednesday, April 9, 2014

PiYo fan volume 8 lesson 16 by Chalene Johnson --Review with pictures! Flexibility Training

In preparation of Chalene Johnson's new Beachbody Fitness program PiYo releasing in June; I decided to dig up some old Piyo exercise dvds that I had in my archives (and ummm never opened most of them... shame on me!) and try them out for blog review.

I bought these Piyo FAN dvds back in 2011 or 2012 from Powder Blue productions which was Chalene's company for Piyo and Turbokick. ( They sold lesson dvds (for instructors) and fan dvds (for the public).

They had this massive sale a couple years ago which is when I bought all the Piyo fan volumes (I'm a huge Chalene Johnson fan and figured I would like them) and one Turbokick fan dvd (hoping to review that later).

I know its kind of cruel to do a blog review on a dvd you can't purchase anymore, but I'm hoping my review and pictures will be similar to the Piyo program coming out this summer and help you decide if its a program you could like to take at the gym or purchase. You may even be able to find piyo dvds on ebay!

This is Piyo Fan Volume 8 which includes lesson 16 and lesson 17. This review is for lesson 16-it was 60 minutes long and I divided up in 3 days since I was doing other workouts.

When I first bought these a couple years ago I had tried the fan volume 1 and it was so slow and old that I totally lost interest and turned it off. I have now developed more of an appreciation for flexibility training and decided to open the the most recent piyo fan dvd I had, in hopes that it was better than vol 1... It was!! :-)

Menu chapter-you can play the entire dvd or specific chapters. 


This HRM includes my day 1 which was Warm up, Heat Building and Strength 1.

This HRM for day 2 includes Strength 2 and Strength 3 sections. 

This HRM shows on day 3 doing the Core and Cool down.

I tried to take as many pictures as I could for each section to give you an idea of what it would be like. I really liked all the sections except for the core one. Thank goodness it was only 5 minutes long!! I liked that it was fast faced so it kept my heart rate elevated without using any equipment. Strength 1 section had alot of floor body exercises which can be difficult or uncomfortable when you are overweight (which I am) because you use your body weight as weight. It tends to aggravate my wrists so I need to be careful about that! I am wanting to try the other lesson on this dvd soon so I can see if its similar.

I can't wait to try the new PiYo dvds coming out since Chalene will be in them and I find her so happy and motivating. Even though she created this program, she wasn't teaching or even in this Fan dvd which was disappointing (even though I knew she wasnt).

She said that she "updated" her program to have better music and better moves so I know its going to be awesome!! I can really see myself benefiting from this kind of flexibility training!!

Have you heard of PiYo before? What do you do for flexibility training??


  1. I am always interested in new ways to cross train! This exercise program looks interesting! I am a long distance runner and my fave cross training is core work and strength training!

  2. I never heard of it, but it sounds interesting - I'm finding I have a few programs that I always come back to, but I do like to incorporate new things and variety is the spice of life, so I like to switch things up with exercise too.