Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Kissing Bridge by Tricia Goyer- book release and my story about a kiss.

Author Tricia Goyer is celebrating her newest book release (The Kissing Bridge) by giving away some of her books to bloggers who share about her book release and also share a personal story about a special kiss or bridge. (crossing my fingers that I win because I LOVE to read new books! and I grew up in PA Amish community so the Amish people hold a special place in my heart. )

First, here is the info about Tricia's new book:

 April 1, 2014
Caught between a stifling Amish community and an unnerving outside world, a devout young woman on the run is about to become the newest arrival to West Kootenai, Montana.
On the day of her sister's death, Rebecca Troyer took her first step away from the Amish.
Rebecca had always strayed a little outside the fold---a job at an Englisch bakery, long weekends with non-Amish friends---but nothing could have prepared her family for what she is about to do: Rebecca is abandoning the community to attend nursing school. She is headed to college, into 'the world.'
But she has to make it across the country first.
When she stops in West Kootenai, at the home of a lapsed Amish friend from her youth, Rebecca finds a lot more in Montana than she had bargained for---namely a handsome working man named Caleb Hooley.
Caleb is at a crossroads of his own. A daredevil bachelor with high standards, he has decided he'll never find an Amish woman who can quench his thirst for adventure. Needless to say, the pretty Amish girl who has fled her community in secret catches his attention immediately.
As hearts are opened and secrets are revealed, Rebecca and Caleb find they have much more in common than just their Amish background. But can this runaway find love with a risk-taker who has lost his faith in God? All it will take is one week in the wilderness to find out . . .

You can learn more about the author here:

I decided to share some thoughts about my Grampa who recently passed away right before Christmas. I only grew up knowing one set of Grandparents (my dads parents) so over the past 30 years I have been very close to them and would see them several times a year.
My Grampa was a hard worker and always had projects and things to do. When I was younger I don't remember spending alot of time with him like I did my Gramma though. I think because he was busy and I didn't want to get in the way.
As I got older, especially in the past 10 years, whenever Grampa would see me he would say "Hey Skinny!" and give me a big hug and kiss. His kiss on my check would always feel rough because he would have a little bit of chin stubble but I loved it! What made it especially loving and memorable for me was that I had always been skinny my whole life and with both of my pregnancies I was very sick and gained 75-100 pounds. So for my Grampa to see me at 250 pounds and knew I was working my butt off to be healthy and lose weight, for him to say "Hey skinny" and give me a hug and kiss ment more to me than he will ever know. Whenever it was time to say goodbye, I would always say "Glad you got to see me-your favorite Grandchild" and he would laugh and give me another big hug and kiss. You could always feel his love by his kiss and hugs and knew he was genuine. I miss him so much and I'm so grateful for this time he had here on earth to bless the lives of some many people, including his own family.

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