Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free Prevention Magazine annual 28 Day Transformation Challenge-starts May 1! #28fitdays

Have you heard about (free!) Prevention Magazine's annual 28-Day Transformation Challenge? It starts May 1st and goes thru May 28th.

In signing up you will get free daily emails with tips from the cheerleader Kris and the trainer Chris Freytag, along with workout ideas and recipes.

You commit for 28 days to EAT clean, MOVE for 150 minutes of cardio (thats only 2.5 hrs!) and do the WOW (workout of the week) that uses strength training provided by Chris Freytag.

Here is the Prevention website with more specifics and details to sign up!

You can also read about the challenge in the May issue of Prevention Magazine.

 I love that this challenge is free and will provide daily support, as well as the flexibility of doing my own exercises! This challenge will work perfect with my current Body Pump/Turbofire exercise schedule.

So will you be joining this challenge with me??


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  1. Thanks! It sounds interesting. Best of luck with the challenge. I bet you'll do great Rachel