Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 3 recap of Baladea program by Holly Perkins

I started week 3 of the Baladea program this week! My goal this week is to not miss any workouts!! Including Wednesday Yoga!!

WEEK 3 Baladea LOOK workout schedule:
Monday: POWER (strength workout) 50 mins
Tuesday: SLIM (cardio workout) 40 mins
Wednesday: YOGA (yoga workout) 45 mins
Thursday: rest day
Friday: SLIM (cardio workout) 40 mins
Saturday: POWER (strength workout) 50 mins
Sunday: rest day

Journal Entries for this week 3:

Monday January 20:
This morning was Power. I really love this workout! I have started wearing weight lifting gloves to protect my hands while using the resistance bands, plus sometimes my hands feel itchy afterwards from the band. It's helped alot!  I've been trying to really focus on my form and get more reps in since I'm on week 3. My HRM said I burned 287 calories in 51 minutes.

Tues January 21:
This morning I did Slim. Great cardio burn. I like that we do some of the same moves but in different rotations. My HRM said I burned 283 calories in 40 minutes.

Wednesday January 22:
I did not do Yoga today. so much for following my schedule 100% this week. :-( I've worked 9-10 hour days at work Mon, Tues and Wed this week. I'm so tired and stressed. :-( Didn't log anything in my book for food. I probably had sugar today too. UGH!!!

Thursday January 23:
Rest Day for Baladea.

Friday January 24:
Did Slim this morning-felt great to get back on track!! Burned 298 calories in 39 minutes. Really tried to do less modifications and more jumping to keep my heart rate up!

Saturday January 25:
Today was suppose to be power workout. which I LOVE and I HATE that I missed it! :-( I was up friday night sooooo sick so I chose to sleep in Saturday morning. I felt alot better (it must have been food I ate friday night) so I went roller skating with the family for 2 hours-probably skated at least 45 minutes. My hubby asked me twice if we were going to workout, but frankly at 9pm at night, I don't want to do a 50 minute workout; so I missed doing it! :-(

Sunday January 26:
Rest Day-prepare for week 4! I HAVE GOT to do better this upcoming week!! I have 30 day progress pictures coming up!!

Pictures from this week:

I also posted my FIRST YOUTUBE video this week!!

My 12 year old taped me opening up and explaining the contents of the Baladea fitness program box. Check it out here and let me know what you think! :-)

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  1. I think it's great you took those extra days off! You obviously needed it (and roller skating isn't exactly a day off anyway). Not getting enough rest can derail weight loss just as much as skipping workouts. Great job listening to your body!