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Victoria's Promise by Julie Wright book review. Newport Ladies Book Club

Book Review of the new Newport Ladies Book Club newest book: 

Victoria's Promise by Julie Wright

I loved this book like I have enjoyed all the others in this series. Like the other books, they can be read alone and not as a series, but I love how all the characters and story lines tie together. Its so fun (and I'm sure alot more work) that the authors worked together to do that.
Victoria-goes by Tori-works for a reality love show called the Vows. Similar to The Bachelor show on Tv. I loved seeing glimpses into her work life and her small personal life and when she went to book club meetings with the other girls. Her last relationship ended badly because she is very consumed in her work and also trying to write in her spare time. She tries to balance her work life and personal life as well as dealing with rejections in this book. I LOVED the ending-totally wasn't expecting it. I wasn't sure honestly if it was going to end well, so I was pleasantly surprised!!
This is a good, clean fiction book-no bad language or sex/inappropriate scenes. The story line moves fast enough to keep my attention and I would recommend this book! A+

Book Description on Amazon for Kindle vesion:

 January 2, 2014
A luxurious mansion. Thirty stunning bachelorettes. One very eligible bachelor. All of the ingredients are in place for a successful reality dating show, and behind the scenes, Tori Winters is set to pull the romantic strings as assistant director of Vows. Despite her distaste for public exhibitions of love—which spelled the death of her last relationship—Tori intends to give the public exactly what they want: scintillating footage of a bevvy of beauties vying for the attention of Christopher Caine. But Chris, a consummate Southern gentleman and the star of Vows, seems almost too good to be true—and soon, even Tori finds herself falling under his spell. Despite legal obligations to avoid fraternizing with the talent, it’s clear her feelings are anything but unrequited. With the support of her friends in the Newport Ladies Book Club, Tori must make a life-altering decision: is she willing to jeopardize all she’s worked for in order to embrace her own fairy-tale ending?

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**I received this ebook complimentary by Heather Moore because I am part of her book review team**

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