Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pressure Point Massager by Gaiam-Restore Line at Target

Right before christmas I found the BEST thing ever at Target!! The Pressure Point Massager by Gaiam!! The handles have a soft grip which makes it easy to hold them and roll my hamstrings. The balls are hard and pointy not squishy so I can apply as little or as much pressure as I want. HEAVENLY!! and painful!! :-)  I've been using a foam roller for months and it works great, but this is the extra added pressure that I needed and was looking for!

Have you ever used a foam roller or pressure point massager?

Target pressure points, increase circulation and alleviate sore muscles with our convenient hand-held Pressure Point Massager. Includes a downloadable massage guide to ease away stress and restore the health of tired and sore muscles throughout your body. China.
Pressure Point Massager Features:
  • Targets pressure points
  • Increases circulation
  • Alleviates sore muscles
  • Bonus downloadable massage guide
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam
  • Color may vary

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  1. I've used something similar and liked it a lot... but my sister stole it! :)

  2. I do own a foam roller and love it...I had never imagined it would work so well until I actually tried it. We also have our kids use it after their sports games when muscles ache or are sore

  3. I might need one of those. Looks torturous! :-)

  4. I have this and LOOOOOVE it. Well, and hate it, but you know what I mean. I don't use a foam roller at all, actually. It works WONDERS on sore IT bands (a pretty normal running problem) and tight Achilles tendons/calves (which have caused numerous numbing problems for me).