Friday, January 3, 2014

Beyond Strong. On the Ball with Jessica R-Three total body workouts!

A couple weeks ago, Jessica R. sent me her dvd to try for blog review. I love ball workouts, so I was so excited to try it!! 
Here are some pictures of what the dvd and workouts look like. 

The  main Menu

First workout-stretches!! 

So with this dvd you get a stretching segment and then 3 workout segments. 
I liked that the instructor took the time to talk about proper form and technique. Each segment has 3 exercises and you do each exercise 3 times. 

I was expecting this dvd to be more of a "workout" than it was. I would consider this a beginner ball workout and/or those who are doing rehab or want light stretching with the ball. There are alot of rest times in between exercises and sets, so my heart rate did not stay up high enough for this to be considered a "workout" for me. Nothing wrong with that-will be using this dvd in the future for rest/stretching days. 

Jessica's website about the dvd can be found here:

BEYOND STRONG® ON THE BALL is designed to create a balance of strength, endurance and flexibility while developing a strong and stable core. Using an exercise ball, light weights and your body weight, this workout is designed to be a total body workout integrating the whole body and emphasizing proper body mechanics. The end result is a BEYOND STRONG® body.
Designed for all fitness levels, BEYOND STRONG® ON THE BALL consists of three 15-20 minute workouts that focus on your entire body, starting from the core and can be done individually or as a complete one-hour workout: The Basics, BEYOND the Basics and BEYOND STRONG®. Each of these workouts consist of three sets of three exercises performed in a row, using all muscles in conjunction with one another to maximize your workout.

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