Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Baladea" by Holly Perkins exercise program starts on Monday!!

Tomorrow, January 6th I'm starting day 1 of the Baladea program.
I just finished watching the hello/welcome 10 minute video that explains what's in the kit, about the program, and the workout videos.
This program was made by Holly Perkins. I saw this program on Instagram before it was released and I was so honored that they sent me a copy to review for my blog!!

This is Holly! Isn't she the cutest thing??! She is so bright and cheerful!! 

I liked how she explained to "embrace the challenge", meaning to do the best and hardest that I can at my personal level. 

The nutrition guide, lifestyle guide and calendar. 

This poster shows me the three schedules to pick from, how long each dvd workout is, and what I need for each workout (sneakers, barefoot, mat, resistance band, etc.)

I picked the "look routine" which is the 5 day per week weight loss schedule. 

Each dvd is in a sleeve which is labeled with the dvd name, description and time length of dvd, and symbols telling me which equipment will be used. 

I am very impressed with the organization and professionalism of this kit. I love love that its happy bright colors and I'm so excited to be starting tomorrow!! The cool thing about this workout is that through out the exercises, there are some that can be done with a partner! So grab a girlfriend, husband or workout partner and you can both do this workout together!!

I will post my exercise workout and pictures daily on Instagram (Rdevaughn4) and will post weekly here on my blog. 

WEEK 1 Baladea LOOK workout schedule:
Monday: SLIM (cardio workout) 40 mins
Tuesday: POWER (strength workout) 50 mins
Wednesday: FUSION (cardio yoga hybrid workout) 47 mins
Thursday: rest day
Friday: YOGA (yoga workout) 45 mins
Saturday: CALM (relaxation workout) 24 mins
Sunday: rest day

Heres are 2 short Instagram videos of my getting and opening my box a couple weeks ago:

Heres is my first-very detailed Baladea post to read more about the program that I posted last month!:

Transform your entire body for just 3 monthly 
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Baladea is exercise reimagined. It combines fitness and wellness into one complete exercise system for women. It was created for women, by women, and it works for any fitness level! The vision behind baladea is to help women all around the world to live their best lives. Help spread the word and inspire your friends. You can find out more about baladea at
Please join the online community, visit our page, recommend this system and be our friend!

The new DVD trailers are here!!

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