Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 3 recap of P90x3 with journal entries and pictures

Started week 3 of P90x3 this week!!

Honestly I'm surprised I've stuck with it this long because I'm not really a Tony Horton fan... sometimes hes funny, but his constant chatter and then complaining about gym people really, really get on my nerves!!
I think I'm mostly curious about the other dvds and what results I will get if I stick with the program. Plus I really really LOVE the CVX fitness dvd!!

WEEK 1-3 P90x3 Classic workout schedule: 
Monday: Total Synergistics
Tuesday: Agility X
Wednesday: Yoga X3
Thursday: The Challenge
Friday: CVX
Saturday: The Warrior
Sunday: Rest day or Dynamix

I will be following the Plan B 1800 calories per day.

Breakfast: 2P, 3C, 1F
Am Snack: 2C, 2F
Lunch: 1P, 3C, 1F
PM Snack: 1P, 2C
Dinner: 2P, 2C, 2F
P=Protein servings per meal
C=Carb servings per meal
F=Far servings per meal

Journal Entries for Week 3:

Monday January 20:
Today was Total Body Synergistics. I like doing pullups with my equalizer bars but I HATE doing the two "boat" moves in this dvd. I haven't gotten any better doing the boat moves after my third time/week 3 of doing this dvd. :-(
I did decide to up my weights from using 3 and 5 pounds, to using 5 and 6.5 pounds. woot woot!! I always start slow with my weights so I don't get neck strain. Enjoyed using the heavier weights.
Burned 218 calories in 34 minutes according to my HRM.

Did excellent with my eating today! I logged everything and stayed under my calories!! whoohoo!!

Tuesday January 21:
Today was suppose to be Agility X but I slept in expecting a SNOW day off from work, which I did not get!! Then I worked 9 or 10 hours that night, so no evening workout for me; :-(

I did log all my food except for dinner on Tuesday.

Wednesday January 22:
I DID NOT DO YOGA!!! ARGH!! I need someone to text or message me on Wednesdays and tell me NOT to slack off and to do my yoga!! It's happened 2 weeks in a row! :-( another VERY long work day for me and no food logging for me either.

Thursday January 23: 
Did Agility X to make up from Tuesday workout. Doing better with this workout! Burned 221 calories in 30 mins according to my HRM.
Then did The Challenge, which is my second favorite workout! I consistently did 10 pullups and 15 pushups through out the rotations and sets. The last two weeks I haven't kept track and just did as many as I wanted. Tried to stay consistent today with my reps.  Burned 208 calories in 30 minutes.

Logged everything in my fitbook for my nutrition! I'm having good things, the same things; but I need to follow the nutrition schedule of the meal break down of fats, protein and carbs alot better!

Friday January 24: 
Did my favorite workout-CVX today! Used the 4 pound medicine ball, as well as a 7 pound medicine weight. I need to find a 6 pound one because the 7 was a little too much for me.
Also tried to "show of" and did two P90x3 balance moves with the medicine ball on my Bosu ball. It was super tricky trying to balance while taking a picture! argh!

Logged everything in my Fitbook except for dinner. Started to feel really sick after dinner so went to bed early.

Saturday January 25:
Today was suppose to be The Warrior, but I was up friday night sooooo sick so I chose to sleep in Saturday morning. I felt alot better (it must have been food I ate friday night) so I went rollar skating with the family for 2 hours-probably skated at least 45 minutes. My hubby asked me twice if we were going to workout, but frankly at 9pm at night, I don't want to do any workouts!!

Sunday January 26: 
Rest Day!!

Ready to start week 4, which are almost all new dvd workouts!! Can't wait to see how this upcoming week goes!!

This week's pictures: 

How did you do with your workouts last week??

Do you struggle with doing Yoga or other flexibility workouts like I do??


  1. I love the yoga and week 4 is yoga on steroids! Atleast that's how Isometrix felt yesterday :)

  2. Great job! Keep up your awesome attitude and everything else will come naturally! Yoga is awesome for cross training but it is difficult for this runner girl to stay focused in class! :)