Saturday, January 11, 2014

My week 1 recap of P90x3! Journal entries and pictures!

I'm starting P90x3 this week! 
I'm going to post daily journal entries about my eating and workouts and then post it at the end of every week. This is my first P90x Tony Horton workout, so I'm a little nervous I won't be able to keep up! But I'm going to take Tony's advice below: 

Monday January 6th: 
Day 1: 
Today was very successful for me!! I did my first P90x3 workout of "Total Synergistics" tonight. I used my Lebert Equalizer Bars for the pull ups and 3/5 pound hand weights. I was not successful with the boat exercises but I did them as best as I could. 
I have 2 complaints though. First, Tony's instruction over his mouth pieces keeps fading in and out. I can still hear him the whole time, but its kind of annoying.
Second, I know he only has 30 mins but I feel like I miss some of the workout because I'm trying to figure out how to do the moves properly. I dont feel like he gives very good instruction ahead of time. Its kinda like he just expects us to jump in and figure it out. I ended up doing one of the moves at the end of the dvd incorrectly because I was on the wrong arm and didnt notice until the end. 

My HRM said I burned 183 calories in 33 minutes. 115 average heart rate, 146 maximum heart rate.

 I was SO Pleased with myself about my nutrition!! I logged everything in my fitbook for food and exercise. I ate 1774 calories so stayed under my 1800 goal. I burned 467 calories with my two workouts according to my HRM monitor. I followed the nutrition guide of the break down of fats, proteins and carbs. I had 9 cups of water and 1 cup lactose free milk. Had my greenberry shakeology for breakfast. had my pre workout concentrate and glutamine in the way of supplements in the morning. I DID NOT HAVE ANY SUGAR OR TREATS!!! whoohoo!!! I took pictures of all my food, but probably wont keep doing that because it takes so much time preparing the food, taking pics, logging it, doing my blog journal entries, reporting to my beachbody challenge group...I'm excited to see how my body changes with better nutrition. I  finally feel like this plan is doable and I can eat alot of the same foods I'm eating;  only making sure I get more greens and grouping them differently through out the day. 

Tuesday January 7th

Day 2:
"Agility X" workout was alot easier to follow. Tony took the time to tell or show what the next move coming up-it was only an extra second or two but it helped me alot! My knees were bothering me so I didn't jump very high or go very fast but I was still pleased with my effort. It really annoyed me though, that during the entire cool down, Tony was dissing people that go to the gym. totally disrespectful. Sometimes I really don't find his humor and comments funny. 

My HRM said I burned 252 calories in 35 minutes. 130 average heart rate, 156 maximum heart rate. 

Nutrition went even better for me today! I'm continuing to log all my food on paper in my FitBook which helps keep myself accountable. Still have not had any sugar or treats. When I started to have a sugar craving, I had my afternoon protein drink so that was good! 

Wednesday January 8th

Day 3:
Today was "X3Yoga". I didn't particularly like it. I told myself that after 15 minutes I could stop, but then he changed what yoga moves he was doing so I hung in the entire time and liked the second half of the workout better. My son was able to take alot of pictures for me doing yoga-that was probably the funnest part of the workout-LOL.
I didn't wear my HRM for this workout. 

My nutrition didn't go very well today. I haven't written everything down and I almost had sugar but I didn't!! I actually poured M&M's into my hand and smelled them, thought about it, then put them back without having a single one! whoohoo!!! I was stressed at work, mad at my hubby and didn't drink enough water today. He things I'm cranky because I'm detoxing from sugar. GRRRR! 

Thursday January 9th
Day 4: 
I'm suppose to do "the Challenge" workout today, but I am so tired that I'm heading to bed (yes it's 830pm!) and will get up early tomorrow and do a double workout in the morning. 
Told my hubby today that I'm not sure if I will stick with P90x3 program but will give it a full 2 weeks before I decide. I'm not liking the workouts like I thought and hoped I would. Tony's comments kind of get on my nerves (why does he have to talk constantly??!!)  and I really wanted more strength training with my program. I know more strength training versus cardio works better for my body. I will at least finish out this week and do all of next week's workouts before I decide. weeks 1-3 are exactly the same workouts according to the calendar. 

My nutrition was better today.I was really tempted again to have a sugar treat in the afternoon, but I resisted!! :-) Instead, I had a mini fruit bowl. I can do this!!! :-) :-) 

Friday January 10th
Day 5:
This morning I got up at 530am feeling MUCH better after going to bed early last night. I drank my ARO pre workout concentrate (LOVE LOVE that stuff!) and got to work doing my double workout!

First was "The Challenge" (from yesterdays schedule). I used my yoga mat, one Lebert Equalizer Bar, and 2 push up stands. This was my first time using the push up stands and I LOVED them!! I can do a deeper, better pushup by using them. (thank you goodwill-got them for $3 a couple years ago!!) The Lebert Equalizer Bars are PREFECT for my doing pull ups and chin ups for the P90x program. We have a chin up bar but when we moved into our new house last fall, we haven't found a door that works for it yet, so we will probably just sell it. My hubby likes using the bars as well. After a while, my wrists hurt doing so many pull ups and chin ups, but I felt awesome with how I did. 
I liked this workout and Tony didn't seem as obnoxious...maybe I will consider staying longer with the program... 
My HRM was giving me fits again this morning (time for a bettery change I think!) but I burned 157 calories in 28 minutes (it was longer than that but my HRM kept stopping). I did not do the cool down because I wanted to start my second workout. 

Next I did "CVX". It was constant cardio moves using a weight. I choose to use my 4 pound medicine ball which I LOVED using for this dvd. I've found its easier for me to hold a ball than one hand weight in my hand. I really enjoyed this workout because it was fast paced strength training. So far this is my favorite P90x3 workout!! Tony didn't seem obnoxious in this dvd either.... I did the cool down which felt nice after 2 workouts. 
After doing 2 workouts, I actually have blisters starting to form on my hands though. booooo :-( but it means I worked hard!! :-) 
My HRM said I burned 307 calories in 36 minutes. average heart rate 143, maximum 173. 

My nutrition today was okay... I drank alot of water. Didn't eat as much as I should though. For dinner I went on a date with my hubby to Olive Garden so I ate alot and also had a small treat after dinner. 

Saturday January 11
Day 6:
Today's workout was called "The Warrior". It was a cardio total body workout. We did arms, legs then abs. After a break you start all over again. My wrists has been aggravating me so some of the moves I couldn't do and just did the best I could. It was an okay workout-definitely not a favorite of mine. It lasted 33 minutes-I didn't wear my HRM because I need to change out the batteries. 
I had a great protein breakfast, snack and lunch. I'm already craving sugar again because of last night's treat, so I really need to watch that.  

Sunday January 12
Day 7:
REST DAY!! Time to prep for week 2!! 

Overall it was a good week, full of ups and downs and struggles. 
Hope you enjoyed reading my daily journal entries. 
Below are my instagram pictures from my daily workouts! You can see more on my instagram page. 


  1. Great job! I hope that your wrist will get stronger and you'll be able to pull through next week with more confidence in your wrist��

  2. Nice start! I'm loving the program so far. The fact that a 30 minute workout can kick my butt is surprising me :)