Sunday, January 12, 2014

My week 1 recap of Baladea program by Holly Perkins

Started week 1 of the Baladea program this week!!

What is the Baladea program? Here are my two other blog posts about it:

WEEK 1 Baladea LOOK workout schedule:
Monday: SLIM (cardio workout) 40 mins
Tuesday: POWER (strength workout) 50 mins
Wednesday: FUSION (cardio yoga hybrid workout) 47 mins
Thursday: rest day
Friday: YOGA (yoga workout) 45 mins
Saturday: CALM (relaxation workout) 24 mins
Sunday: rest day

Below are my journal entries from each day:

Monday January 6th
Day 1:
Did the Slim cardio dvd for 40 minutes. It started with a warm up for about 3 or 4 minutes, then I did different cardio rotations. Holly was easy to follow and she started with one or two steps of the rotation and then would keep building on it each step at a time. It wasn't boring and it wasn't complicated which I loved!! I did not follow the modifier, but I may need to next time because it was a little hard on my knees at the end of the dvd. Ended with a cool down for the last 3 minutes with stretching.
My HRM stopped working during the cool down so I had to stop and mess with it which probably ruined my good heart rate, but oh well. My HRM said I burned 284 calories for 40 minutes. 130 average heart rate, 156 maximum heart rate. Great first day!

Tuesday January 7th
Day 2:
Did the Power strength dvd for 50 mins this morning. It had a warm up and cool down-each about 3 minutes. You will need good sneakers and the Baladea resistance band. The Band is 8 pounds of resistance weight. (I asked them on their facebook page) First I did 5 strength exercises for 15 reps, during which Holly went slow and demonstrated the moves and proper form. We then repeated the same 5 exercises for 1 minute each. Next we did a new set of 5 moves-15 reps each at a slower pace, then repeated cycle for 1 minute each. Last was the floor ab section. You will need a hand towel for this one. It truly helps because for the first exercise I didn't use a towel and quickly realized I needed one. I felt great after doing this workout! My HRM said I burned 290 calories in 50 minutes. 117 average heart rate, 154 maximum heart rate.

Wednesday January 8th
Day 3:
Today was a workout called fusion. It's like a barefoot yoga/cardio hybrid. I did it with my shoes on because I was cold and it didn't seem to matter that I wasn't barefoot-it didn't affect my workout at all. It was a very good soothing workout! I will probably do this workout in the evenings because I prefer my morning workouts to be much faster pace.
My HRM said I burned 229 calories in 47 minutes. 109 average heart rate, 141 maximum heart rate.

Thursday January 9th
Day 4:
REST DAY!! whoohoo!!

Friday January 10th
Day 5:
Today was suppose to be Yoga but I was so tired after date night that I went right to bed and put it on my calendar to do tomorrow.

Saturday January 11th
Day 6:
This morning I did Yoga with my toddler. I need to replace my HRM batteries so I didn't wear it for the workout. I also didn't end up doing the entire workout-I think it was 45 minutes long. It was a good yoga session but I get bored after doing yoga for more than 15 or 20 minutes.

Tonight after I put the kids in bed I did the Calm workout with my hubby. We lite candles, pulled out the yoga mats and turned off the lights. It was 23 minutes of calming meditation laying down. Holly had a peaceful voice and for about 5 minutes there was complete silence.

I had a great Baladea exercise weekand I can't wait to start week 2!! I will be doing Power and Slim twice next week according to the calendar...

Here are my pictures from this week on Instagram:

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