Friday, January 10, 2014

The Color Run in Roanoke/Salem VA-Price goes up JAN 15th!! save $5 off with my code!!

I will be doing the Color Run again this year in Roanoke/Salem VA this spring and was given a special code to share with my readers.
This code is good for $5 off ANY location.
Roanoke/Salem VA rates will go up again January 15th!!

Ready to register?
 and dont forget to use the promo code
to get $5 off your Roanoke/Salem VA race!!
(code works for any race locations!)


Find your local race date here: 

*The Color Run™ Roanoke-Salem Pricing & Deadlines*
*Solo Runner/Walker
40.00 Early Registration
45.00 starting January 15, 2014
50.00 starting March 1, 2014

*4+ Person Color Team Runners & Walkers
35.00 per person Early Registration
40.00 per person starting January 15, 2014
45.00 per person starting March 1, 2014

When people register in a team of 4 or more it is automatically $5 cheaper, they can then also use their promo code on top of that and save $10.00. 

Here is my original "The Color Run" race blog post:

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  1. My daughter did a color trail run last year, I was marathon training so I wasn't willing to risk an injury on the trail. At some point I'd like to try one.