Friday, January 31, 2014

Wfit nutrition Review of Tendon & Ligament Joint Support and Beyond Protein Powder

Last month Media Talent Agency sent me some Wfit nutrition packets to try for blog review. I got a couple packets of Tendon and Ligament Joint Support and Beyond Protein. 

What is Wfit nutrition? 

  • 100% all natural supplements to support any healthy living diet regimen 
  • Designed for Recovery, Muscle Strength and Joint Care
  • Amazing taste and unique flavors
  • Designed to complement athletes participating in high intensity/endurance workouts 

Tendon and Ligament Joint Support in Natural Citrus Blast Flavor
Tendon & Ligament provides vital support for the 4 physical attributes all elite athletes require for success. While most joint products maintain the state of the joint. Tendon & Ligament helps build, strengthen, and support joint components to sustain an athlete's functional strength. It goes beyond the joints to further support overall healthy skin and connective tissue.*
o    Stronger and more solid foundation*
o    Strong connective tissue*
o    Secure joint structure*
o    Increased elasticity*
Improve flexion and compression at vital pivot points!*
What's more, connective tissues and joint structures such as muscle, bone, and cartilage require certain nutrients to assist in building and supporting overall health.* Tendon & Ligament performance provides these nutrients in 3 ways:
1. Build*
o    UCII, an undenatured type II collagen protein, supports joints from the inside out. Type II collagen is the primary collagen found in human cartilage and thus becomes an important component in supporting healthy joints.*
2. Lubricate*
o    Hyaluronic acids' (HA) capability to swell and retain water allows the support of cushioning and lubricating the moving parts within the joints. This supports more effortless joint movement in the athlete.*
3. Strengthen*
o    Specialized collagen protein supports the strengthening of connective tissue and bone. It is an excellent source of amino acids (building blocks of protein), strengthening the tendons and ligaments around the joints, which is crucial for stability and ultimately function of the joints.*

I added this to 8-9 ounces of cold water in my shaker cup. I was worried it wouldn't shake up very well because it had alot of little clumps. After couple minutes of shaking, I let it settle and it was fine. The taste wasn't bad-there was a tiny after taste of citrus in my mouth when it was done. It doesn't have much sugar, but it tasted a little sweet to me. Since this helps with muscles and protein absorption, I'm going to have my hubby try it as well since we are both doing P90x3 workouts. 

Beyond Protein in flavor Vanilla Coconut

Advanced, clean, all natural, hydrolyzed protein for optimal muscle growth and repair. Available in two great flavors! Vanilla-Coconut and Chocolate Mocha. Beyond Protein is the logical choice for long-term performance, muscle health and recovery.
• Metabolized more efficiently
o    Highly soluble
o    High concentration of Di & Tripeptides to help you fuel performance, muscle building and recovery*
o    Promotes increased rate of protein absorption*
o    Small peptides are absorbed through special Peptide Transporters (PEPT-1 &2), found in the upper small intestine.
o    PEPT-1 & 2 move great amounts of protein into your body at much more efficient rates than amino acid transporters.*
o    Peptides can enter your body intact, where they can quickly be delivered to where they are needed.*
• Supports increased nitrogen retention
  • One of the primary goals of protein supplementation is to increase nitrogen retention.
  • Once entered into the body, small peptides rush to where they are needed providing your body with a much greater metabolic benefit than other forms of protein or amino acids such as soy or pea.*
  • Di & tripeptides delivered intact into general circulation avoid excessive oxidation in the liver compared to supplemental amino acids.*
 Muscle building and recovery by synthesis
o    When your body increases its nitrogen retention, that means your body is able to boost protein synthesis—the process by which muscle tissue repairs itself after hard training.*
o    In addition the peptides also help boost serum insulin and amino acid stores.*
o    It all adds up to help drive muscle-building processes and recovery.*
o    Di & Tripeptides also help increase the amount of PEPT transporters occupying the absorptive surface of the small intestine.*
o    Allows more Di & Tripeptides to be absorbed, which continues to fuel your body’s growth and repair.*

I am going to have my husband try this protein powder because I have lactose issues. I will post again after he has tried it. 

Have you tried WFit nutrition? What did you think??
You can find WFit Nutrition here:

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