Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baladea exercise program for women by Holly Perkins

Look at what Holly Perkins just released last week!! She was sharing the news on instagram, so I immediately went to the website to read more about it!! I love how awesome and colorful it looks!!! They are shipping out my copy soon, so I plan on starting this workout system in January to start the new year out right!! I'm so excited!!

Read on below to see what comes with this dvd system!! and come back to my blog in January to read about my experiences and review for Baladea!

Experience Results

Discover the colorful, fun, and brand new way to work out! baladea is the all-in-one solution that empowers you to completely transform your body and mind. It’s exercise that feels natural and wellness that keeps you smiling. No matter what your fitness level or lifestyle needs may be, reaching your goals has never been easier. 
Order baladea risk-free today! 

8 Fitness + Wellness DVDs

hello(10 min)

This introductory DVD is filled with all the essential tips you need to succeed. Say hello to the new you!

calm(24 min)

A rejuvenating blend of powerful motivation methods and energizing relaxation techniques.

flow(32 min)

Let your body and mind flow. This DVD improves your posture and increases your flexibility.

yoga(45 min)

Reshape your trouble zones and clear your mind with this easy to master yoga practice.

fusion(47 min)

An unbeatable combo of slimming cardio and toning yoga. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

slim (40 min)

Melt the fat, increase your stamina, and tone your muscles with this fun and exciting cardio DVD.

power(50 min)

Build your fat-burning engine and empower your entire body with next-generation strength training.

boost(43 min)

Challenge yourself with high intensity interval training for maximum weight-loss.

Your System Also Includes

  • baladea resistance band

    Kiss clunky weights goodbye! This premium resistance band goes hand in hand with your DVDs and was specifically designed for women.
  • Lifestyle Guide

    Amazing results need a strong foundation. This instructional guide is packed with all of Holly’s exclusive success secrets and essential tips to kick-start your new lifestyle.
  • Nutrition guide

    Eating right has never been easier! This guide is time-saving, customizable, and calorie-counting-free. Just pick the foods and recipes you love and let the guide take care of the rest.

  • progress schedule

    Stay on track with this handy schedule. It includes three exercise routines for different goals: Maximum weight-loss, complete well-being, or minimum time investment.
  • FREE online community

    Expert advice, answers to your questions, and extra support are just a click away. Plus you’ll get to connect with all the other women doing baladea for extra motivation.

The Secret Behind baladea

There is a reason why baladea is so wildly effective. The secret is a breakthrough in exercise science that delivers jaw-dropping, visible results: It’s
 called Synergy Training™. This revolutionary approach fuses fitness and wellness exercises into one powerful combination, giving you the benefits of both – all at once! Working together, fitness and wellness challenge your body more effectively. This means you’ll get better results in less time. It’s simple and works wonders!

Transform your entire body for just 3 monthly 
payments of $49.95 + FREE SHIPPING 
Or select single payment option during checkout.

You can order from my referral link here: 

Baladea is exercise reimagined. It combines fitness and wellness into one complete exercise system for women. It was created for women, by women, and it works for any fitness level! The vision behind baladea is to help women all around the world to live their best lives. Help spread the word and inspire your friends. You can find out more about baladea at www.baladea.com
Please join the online community, visit our page, recommend this system and be our friend!


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