Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Michelle Dozois Cardio Interval Burn Remix-NEW Peak 10 advanced

Today I did a new cardio workout dvd by Michelle Dozois. She sent it to me last month along with 2 other dvds, complimentary for blog review. 
I previewed this dvd last night and watched the movement review section, so I knew I was in for a good calorie burn!! :-) 
The dvd is from her Peak 10 collection-Cardio Interval Burn Remix and is all new-it was released a couple months ago. 


Certified instructor description: Creative, all-cardio exercises performed at carefully sequenced intensity levels. It’s a proven interval training technique that burns maximum calories without overstressing your body. The format is always consistent — five 10-minute segments, each with two exercise cycles (e.g. left foot starts first, right foot starts second). Within each cycle, the intensity builds in four distinct stages: basecamp, ascent, climb and peak. For example, “base” might be simple V-steps and grapevines, while “peak” is 30 seconds of jump-tucks and air-jacks. The variety is amazing; it’s a smoothly blended mix of athletic, dance, kickbox and plyometric moves (often incorporating varied upper body motions). The add-on cuing and on-screen timer keep you motivated and energized. ©2013. 

Advanced Level, High Impact. 60 mins

Chapter Menu

Movement Review

about 4 minutes of Warm up

 First level is basecamp

Then Ascent 

Then Climb 

Finally, the peak! 

After 5 blocks, then it was time for cool down! 

Big Calorie Burn!!  

There are 5 blocks on this dvd.
Each block is 10 minutes long.
Each block has 2 circuits each. You start with doing movements on the right side and then repeat on the left during the second circuit.
I always felt clumsy during the first circuits of each block because I was trying to learn the moves and get use to the dvd.

It is definitely considered advanced. There are no rest periods or water breaks. I followed the modifier on the far right alot of the time. I should get a better calorie burn the more times I do this dvd and learn the movements.
I felt like the warm up was a little fast... almost like I needed a warm up before her warm up. ;-)
The final cool down and stretching was very good! I really liked it and felt like it was a good enough stretch for the high impact exercises I did.

I really like Michelle's teaching ability and happy, bubbly personality. Her dvds are more higher impact and dancy than I'm use to, but I know with time I will get her dvd movements down!  Looking forward to trying more of her Peak 10 dvds.

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  1. sounds like a great workout... I am thinking I need some DVDs to workout to.