Thursday, October 31, 2013

Peak313 Pumpkin (or watermelon) full body workout!! Try it!

I've been wanting to do this awesome looking pumpkin workout all month. I still plan on doing it some time this week though! and will post pictures too!
Let me know what you think or if you have done it before. :-)

PUMPkin Power: Full Body Workout Using a Pumpkin! (by

I was inspired one day while moving our 4 pumpkins around on the porch. I create a workout out of nearly anything, so I thought I’d create a routine that has a festive theme!
This workout is for anyone who needs to pop in an exercise, but doesn’t have the time to get to the gym. The beauty of it is that  your kids can join you–just give them a tiny pumpkin to hold and watch them have fun! My kids did!
Also, group exercise instructors–what a FUN way to hold a class this month! Provide a few pumpkins and create a circuit, make some partner exercises,  or have a “BYOP” class where they each have their own! I played around with this one night in class and they had fun with it! Here are a few of them in motion! (We used 3 that night and weighed each after–28, 18, and 14 lbs) Yikes!
PUMPkin Power |
A few things to consider with your pumpkin:
1.) Stem
The bigger and longer it is, the harder the exercises may be, so take note
2.) Weight
This is an obvious one. Ideally, have 1-3 to choose from depending on the exercise.
3.) Shape
Some exercises are easier with a rounder pumpkin, while others a more oval shape. It’s not a must, but take shape into consideration.
There are 10 exercises here. You don’t have to do them all, so mix and match with what you feel like doing that day. Some are more upper body natured, while others are lower, full body, core, or cardio! I will section them off like that below so that it’s easier for you to pick and choose. Have fun! (In the summertime, the pumpkin can be replaced with a watermelon in most exercises!)
Also, you can do each exercise for reps or for time. If you do for reps, then shoot for 3 sets of 8-20 reps (depending on the exercise) and if you are doing them for time, then set a timer and do as many as you can in a 20 or 30 second interval and then rest.
Print off both graphics below to keep with you as a quick reference, but be sure to review the explanations below! (PDF is here)
PUMPkin Power (Upper Body & Core Workout) FREE Printable (Pg1 of 2) |
PUMPkin Power Workout:Lower Body & cardio) FREE Printable (Pg2 of 2) |
Explanation of Exercises
Upper Body/Core (Click on the image below to see the exercises close-up)
1.) Pumpkin Push-Up
Lay pumpkin on the ground (I placed mine on it’s side) and place one hand on it and the other on the floor. Push-up and down. Do all reps on one side, then switch sides. MODIFICATION: Place knees on the floor
2.) Bicep Curl
Lift pumpkin up and down with upper body.
3.) Pumpkin Twist
Sit on the ground with legs bent. Turn side to side while holding the pumpkin. MODIFICATION: Sit more upright
4.) Pumpkin Plank Reach
Place pumpkin on the ground. Go into a plank position and then move yourself back from the pumpkin far enough to where you fingertips barely touch it. Reach out and tap the pumpkin, alternating arms. MODIFICATION: Plank on your knees
5.) Weighted Ab Reach
Lay on your back with pumpkin in both hands. Lift pumpkin above your head, bend your knees, and then lift up and down with the upper body.
PUMPkin Power (Upper Body & Core Exercises) |
Lower Body/Cardio (Click on the image below to see the exercises close-up)
6.) Wall Sits
Go to an open wall. Assume a “seated” position against the wall. (Try and keep legs parallel to the ground) Hold the pumpkin with your hands for a more upper body workout, or lay it on your lap to feel the intensity in your legs.
7.) Shoulder Bridge & Roll
Lay on the ground and place the pumpkin at your feet. (I put it on it’s side) Place your feet on the pumpkin and lift your rear end up off the ground. Now roll the pumpkin out slightly as you push the feet out a bit. Roll it back in, drop your rear end and repeat.
8.) Pumpkin Quick Feet
Place the pumpkin on the ground and quickly tap the feet–left and right–on it.
9.) Step Up & Squat
Go near a set of steps. Step up on a step while holding the pumpkin and lift it in the air. Step back down, bringing the pumpkin down and squat. The higher the step, the harder it will be. Repeat doing all reps on one side, then moving to the other. MODIFICATION: Don’t lift the arms in the air as you step.
10.) Straight-Leg Deadlift
Grab the pumpkin and stand hip-width apart. Lower down (slightly bend in legs) making torso parallel with the ground. Engage the hamstrings as you lift up from the ground to starting position. Repeat.
(not picture) Pumpkin Jack
Hold pumpkin above head and do a jumping jack, pushing the pumpkin up and down in the air as you jack!
PUMPkin Power (Upper Body & Core  Exercises) |

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