Friday, October 11, 2013

Armpocket Product review and GIVEAWAY!!

This week I was sent an ARMPOCKET complimentary to try for a blog product review. It came in the mail monday afternoon-perfect timing because I went to the park Monday evening for a 1.5 bootcamp timed run. :-) 
I've been using a black armband the past 2 years while I run so I could carry my iphone/otterbox case, which as you know is twice the size of the iphone so it takes a special case. I usually end up bringing a running belt (fancy name for a fanny pack) since I need to carry ID, tissues, inhaler etc. 
A couple weeks ago I read a blog review on the Armpocket and I knew immediately I needed that product!! I only wish I had discovered it months ago before my half marathon!! 
I picked out the I-30 product, size medium length (measure your arm and use their sizing chart) in color pink. Shipping was super fast!! 
I was really impressed with the durability of this product and the foam cushy-ness that is part of the back and strap. I didn't get any chaffing or marks from using the Armpocket. I was able to fit my iphone, inhaler, hylands leg tablets and id. It honestly didnt feel any more bulky on my arm than my old arm strap. It didn't flop in place or feel heavy. Big plus!! 
I was able to press all the buttons on my iphone thru the plastic top cover without any problems and I LOVE LOVE that its waterproof!! 

Check out their website below!! You can use their comparison chart to figure out what style will work with the cell phone or device you want to use. This product can be used in place of a wallet, fanny pack, other running arm bands etc. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my armpocket!! Well worth the $39.95!!

Heres the Product Description for the I-30 product that I got!! 

If you have a larger phone, plus additional items to carry, the Armpocket i-30™ armband is perfect for you. It holds large smartphones and cases, with room to spare for keys, cards, cash and more. Fits the new large smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy® S4, SIII and EVO™ with small cases and even iPhone® 5/5S/5C with Otterbox® or ballistic cases, and/or battery packs.
The model features 2 head-phone outlets (one on the bottom left and one on the bottom right), compatible with all phones, including iPhone 5/5S/5C. 

  • Fits phones up to 5.5 inches (14 cm) including the Samsung Galaxy® S4 or SIII with a thin case or iPhones® in Otterbox® cases
  • Ergonomic design and memory foam padding resist slipping
  • Protects sensitive electronic devices from moisture damage
  • Our largest armband with maximum storage and three interior compartments
  • Comfortable, vented arm strap for extended wear
  • Full-screen access and large, touch-sensitive window for Smartphone access
  • Eco-friendly materials and design

 Guess what??!! Now it's time for a GIVEAWAY!!! ARMPOCKET was so generous to let me do a giveaway so that one of my readers can WIN a free Armpocket of your color choice, style, size!! How awesome is that??!! 
Open to US addresses only. 

Our products are always equipped with the latest technology and innovative features
that make Armpocket the best armband for your active lifestyle

  • Water

  • Machine

  • Headphone
    Music Port

  • Touch Control

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Quality, Durable

  • No-Slip
    Memory Foam

  • Comfortable
    Vented Strap

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  1. I armband looks so comfy! I like that it has lots of room and does not move around too!

  2. I see you can fit your inhaler and a cell phone. looks perfect to me!


  3. i-15™
    Sleek design. Holds devices/cases up to 5.5 inches including Samsung Galaxy® S4.

    Medium - Pink

  4. This looks perfect, would love the pink one :)

  5. I like the nighthawk. It have the LED lights. It awesome!

  6. yes! I need this! Never have enough room in my current gear!

  7. oh and I'd like the nighthawk as well!

  8. My instagram name is @runningwtg

  9. I would like any color- but I think pink would have to be my color of choice!

  10. I 25 or 30 in pink a friend has this and loves it says they store ton's.