Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Delta Labs November instagram challenge, sunday only coupon, Green Tea and Hair Skin Nails supplement reviews.

Last month I had the opportunity to join the DELTALABS ambassador family!!
I'm so excited to be be able to try these products and do product reviews for my readers!!
I also believe along with taking the proper supplements, that healthy eating and exercise is also important!!
I post alot of pictures on my instagram page (rdevaughn4) and use #teamdeltalabs if you are interested in what I do for exercise.

Here is a little bit of information about DELTALABS:

Our Mission

At Delta Labs, our mission is to develop the highest quality, most affordable and comprehensive line of women’s health and wellness formulas founded on scientific research. We’re committed to helping every woman feel renewed, empowered, and excited about life, and strive daily to provide unsurpassed customer care to help every woman achieve her best.

It’s Not About Us – It’s About You

At Delta Labs, we are committed to helping women lead healthier, more invigorating and fulfilling lifestyles. By partnering with some of the nation’s leading scientific minds, nutritionists and world renowned physicians, we’ve developed a complete line of all natural health and wellness formulas to help
you achieve your goals.

Quality ALWAYS Comes First

The quality of ingredients a woman ingests is the most important choice she can make.
When Delta Labs was first established in 2010, we had one guiding principle that could never be broken. That is, to use only the safest, highest quality, most effective and all natural ingredients in every product we offer.
And today, we continue to uphold that very belief, which is why our entire Delta Labs line is manufactured under strict cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines established by the FDA. And, every product carries the prestigious NSF Certification, which guarantees to you unsurpassed quality control in every serving you take.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked – ever. At Delta Labs, we understand that our long term relationship with you depends on your positive experiences with our products.
If for any reason you’re ever dissatisfied with a product, simply give us a call to return your bottle. It’s that easy. You can reach us 1-800-481-1938. We’re open Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern (6:00 AM to 2:00 PM Pacific) time.

Delta Labs Is Green

Help us be Green, and we’ll give you 5 greens off your next order!
Delta Labs is committed to creating a greener planet for this, and future generations. By actively minimizing our carbon footprint every day, we can stay true to our core values, which are to Nurture, Nourish, and Evolve not only our bodies, but our planet too. That’s why we’ve established the Zero Carbon Footprint Program. Here’s how it works.
Every order you place comes with a pre-paid postage sticker with our return address printed on it. Just peel off the sticker, slap it on your empty bottle, and drop it in the mail! It’s that simple. When we receive it, you’ll receive $5.00 off your next order at Delta Labs.

They offer 8 products here: 

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I have been able to try the Green Tea supplement. I only take 1 in the afternoon instead of the 2 they suggest. I don't get jittery and I tend not to snack or feel hungry when I remember to take the Green Tea supplement. I need to be more consistent with taking it to see better results!! 

Formulated for today's health-conscious woman looking for a safe, sensible, and clinically proven approach to natural weight loss, Green Tea Plus combines the proven potency of seven natural weight loss aids, including the most highly tested energy boosters ever - Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean - into a unique formulation to help support your weight-loss goals!

I'm currently taking 2 capsules of the Hair Skin and Nails supplement daily. I've been taking it for over a week now. So far I've noticed my nails being a little stronger and growing faster. I will post a review in another couple of weeks after I've had the chance to take it a full 30 days. At that time I will also do a blog giveaway for some samples of this product! 

Our Hair, Skin & Nails formula is designed to help your hair grow faster and stronger, reduce chipping and breaking in your nails, and create softer, younger, more luminescent looking skin. With 28 scientifically proven vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants and bionutrients, we guarantee you’ll see clear, visible results within 30 days.

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Here are some special things coming up in November!

use this special code for Sunday only!! 50% off-awesome!! 
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Join us for an instagram challenge #hot4holidays with Rebekah Borucki, another deltalabs ambassador. She will post more details about it on her blog later today here:

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