Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Leslie Sansone final October 2013 challenge week!


Oct 27
The Home Stretch!
Just 3 more days and we have met the 30 Day Challenge! I think we can safely start the celebrating!!! (Have you noticed that I start weekends early too? I just can’t seem to wait for fun and free time … sounds like my teens!)
It’s been a Happily – Healthy month … and I know this because of your tweets!
You have reported ….
-Weight lost
-Inches down
-More energy
-Increased strength  
-Improved physical health
-Feel happier, feel better, feel good!!!!!
I’d call that a very BIG ROI! The return on invested “time” – for the time we put in …. We got a BIG return!
Feeling GOOD translates into doing GOOD! We put “good” back in our day … that many around us benefit from … when YOU feel good … you don’t want to keep it to yourself … you want to share it and you have the energy to be more involved in the lives of our family, friends, co-workers!
I hope you will always WALK – not just for the weight loss, or fitting into your jeans (I have room!)
But for the GOOD we can put back into the world around us!
As we approach the last few days … please remember to emphasize the days that you accomplished your daily goal! You may not have been able to keep each assignment – don’t dwell on those days at all – they are gone and done! Appreciate the fact that you had a plan each day and MOST days you worked your plan!  That is it … that is the path to all successful things in life …
1)         Get a plan!
2)         Work the plan!
3)         Don’t quit when a day doesn’t go as planned! Carry on the next day ….or better …WALK ON!
If this was your first fitness challenge – that is all I want you to TAKE AWAY – Steps 1 thru 3!
Ok my Health Seeking Walkers, let’s finish STRONG!
Here’s what I have planned for our final 3 Days of this Challenge:
MONDAY – Oct.  28
Try – The Big Burn streaming here
TUESDAY – Oct. 29
2 Miles + Strength Training for Abs-Core
Join me for a Tweet Chat on the 30th, Noon – 1pm EST…get your questions & commentary ready and I will be live!
2 INTERVAL Miles! (The Big Burn)
Thurs. Oct. 31 – YOU HAVE COMPLETED 30 DAYS!
No structured exercise today … but you can celebrate your strong condition with an active – grateful day!
Walk the streets with Halloween-ers! How Fun!
(1 Reese Cup for you, 2 for me, 1 for you, 3 for later …. Love fun, free time and CANDY … oh my … I better grow up!)
Just FYI …
NOVEMBER 1 is an official DAY OFF!
See you on Twitter …
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