Sunday, October 20, 2013

MommyRunFast Sugar Detox tele course! only two more!

On October 3rd I had the opportunity to participate in "MommyRunFast" sugar detox tele course. Laura sent me an email prior to the conference with instructions on where to go online and the phone number to call. 

It lasted about 45 minutes and I learned alot from the phone call and from the slide show. I frantically took notes so I could remember everything, but then later got an email from Laura with several attachments of the slide show pictures and other sugar detox references. This was very helpful and will be a good reference to use for later.  Also included in the sugar detox tele course is the opportunity to be added to a sugar detoxing accountability sheet. 

This is a great course to take if you are wanting to know more about the effects of sugar, how to detox and what ingredients to stay away from while looking at labels. This is such a great course to take before the holiday season!! 

Click on the link below for the website link to sign up and dont forget to use my special promo code!! There is only TWO more courses before the end of the year-DONT MISS OUT! 

use promo code "sugar" for $5 off the fee.

Below you can read information about the sugar detox tele-course that I got directly from Laura, MommyRunFast website: 


Have you wondered if you’re addicted to sugar?
After hosting round one and round two of the Sugar Detox Challenge, I’m excited to begin to offer a monthly sugar detox challenge plus a sugar detox tele-course:


This one-hour seminar will give you the tools you need to kick off your 7-day detox!  It will include:
  • How to know if you have a sugar addiction
  • 8 common causes of cravings
  • The best and the worst sugar alternatives
  • Tips to overcome your sugar cravings
  • How to use the 7 day sugar detox
  • Natural Supplements to decrease cravings
  • Time for your questions
Plus handouts and resources, including:
  • 10 healthier dessert and cookie dough recipes
  • A 7 day Sugar Detox Meal Plan
  • Meal planning templates
  • Info sheets on cravings and sweetener alternatives
Those who are interested can join a group 7 day detox the following Monday- Sunday with a shared accountability form, and continue to participate in the monthly sugar detoxes as desired.


Seminars will be held about once a month.  Upcoming dates and times include:
Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 9:00 pm EST
Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 8:30 pm EST
Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 9:00 pm EST


To sign up, register  below ($22 or free for health coach clients).
This detox has helped me permanently change my relationship with sugar. And I know that you can reset your cravings and prove to yourself that you do have control over your cravings!
Note: If you’re doing the detox only, register for the Sugar detox (free ticket) to be part of the accountability form.

promo code "sugar" for $5 off the fee.

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