Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Amanda Tress Fit Pregnancy and Parenting Bootcamp update and Body After Baby dvd product review

I'm just starting week 3 of Amanda Tress-Fit Pregnancy and Parenting Fall Virtual bootcamp. So far, so good!! The first week wasn't that good though because I was experiencing female "issues" and was on my third week of having a cold and congestion. argh!! Talk about a double whammy!!

Each week Amanda emails me a PDF file of the workout assignments and links to her videos so I can plan ahead for the week. Each week the workout times are progressively getting a little longer-meaning last week I did 2 rounds of a particular video clip and this week I may do 3 or 4 rounds of the same video clip.

Amanda checks in with me every day either on facebook, email or instagram. I'm a huge instagram fan so typically I post my pictures in the mornings so she knows I did my workout already that day. I try to do them in the mornings because evenings are such a hit and miss for me-usually a miss in the way of workouts.

I'm hoping the workouts won't take me any longer than 60 minutes even as we progress through the boot camp, because I have a hard time putting in longer time than that. Typically I have to get up at 545am to get my workouts done at my house while everyone is sleeping.

I'm having difficulty being able to do the running assignment portion, so I emailed Amanda earlier this week to explain the situation and we were able to figure out what I should personally do to keep my heart rate up but not have to run which would create more problems for my body down the road.

As a promo last month with signing up for the fall bootcamp, Amanda sent me her brand new Body after Baby workout dvd for free. I received it last week, and this morning I did the workout completely beginning to end.  

I chose the "play all" option, but it has the capability to go to different chapters.
The dvd started with a brief warm up, then arm circuit (I used 3 and 5 pound hand weights), cardio circuit, leg circuit, cardio circuit, core circuit and then the last cardio circuit which includes a very brief stretch/cool down.

  • You only need 1 set of hand weights, good shoes and possibly a yoga mat for this workout. 
  • 46 mins long from start to end.
  • Music was good/soft in the background. Not in your face loud or even noticeable.
  • Family friendly! Amanda works out the whole time with her baby and some chapters include her husband. 
  • I appreciate her modesty of her clothes. I refuse to do workouts in front of my husband and 2 boys that include women provocatively half dressed. 

Overall I felt like this dvd is for intermediate people. Even though she does modifications, I have been over 200 pounds and theres nothing more frustrating than someone telling you to "just modify" the workouts and that "anyone" can do it. So unless you've been working out for a couple months, you may get frustrated by not being able to keep up with her pace or being able to do all the moves from this dvd.
The workouts were challenging for me but doable-I was sweating and did have to take a couple brief breaks. The majority of moves on this dvd are moves that I have done the past 3 weeks of bootcamp from her online videos she makes; so I didn't feel like anything was really new but thats okay. I liked the set up of this workout dvd and Amanda's personality. I would recommend this dvd to any mother wanting a bootcamp-type style dvd.

My personal pictures of the Body After Baby dvd:

LINK TO BUY Body After Baby workout dvd:

This is the write up about the dvd on Amanda's website: 
Are you hoping to get your pre-baby body back? Do you want to feel fit, healthy, sexy, and confident? Are you unsure of how to develop a 6 pack after baby? Purchase my “Body After Baby Boot Camp Workout” DVD today. Please contact me for details on international shipping.
Beginning a fitness program shortly after delivering a baby can be intimidating and challenging. However, postpartum workouts will help to shed pregnancy weight, relieve stress, and help a woman bounce back to her pre-pregnancy fitness level quickly after labor and delivery.
This Body After Baby Boot Camp Workout DVD is perfect for women who are hoping to get their pre-baby body back and do a fabulous workout in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Follow along as Cole, my 11 week old baby boy, and me, demonstrate the modified moves for those who are just starting a workout program postpartum. You can also follow my husband, Brandon, as he displays the advanced moves for husbands or those who are in fabulous shape.
The “Body After Baby Boot Camp Workout” includes:
  • Warm-up
  • 3 Cardio Circuits
  • Arm circuit
  • Leg circuit
  • Abdominal circuit
  • Cool down
Amanda Tress is a personal trainer specializing in prenatal and postnatal fitness. She maintained two fit pregnancies and bounced back very quickly after each.
Amanda also posted this LIMITED OFFER just this afternoon if you purchase BOTH her dvds: 

For a limited time, I am offering a package deal on my Pregnancy Exercises: Fit Pregnancy Total Body Workout DVD & Body After Baby Boot Camp Workout DVD. Both DVDs retail for $14.99, but if you purchase today, you can buy both for only $24.99.

Below is the link about the Fall Virtual Bootcamp that I have been doing:

All thoughts and opinions are my own in regards to her bootcamp and new dvd. Amanda did not ask me to do any reviews for her bootcamp and/or Body after Baby dvd. 


  1. It is so difficult to workout after pregnancy, but it sounds like you have a great routine and motivator...keep up the great work!

  2. That sounds like a great DVD! Might have to get it for myself.

  3. I love Amanda! I'm glad you like her DVD. :)

  4. Duuuuude, how I needed this one postpartum ...
    It sounds like a great DVD.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I'm impressed the instructor kept in such close contact with you as well as the progression of the workouts. Good deal of moving!!