Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My first 2 Jazzercise classes this month

Last night I had my second Jazzercise class.

I signed up through Roanoke County Parks and Rec for a 10 week Jazzercise class. I'm so lucky that the time (6:30-7:30pm) works great for our family schedule. I can come home from work, eat dinner, and relax with the kids before going out to class. Plus the church location is less than 5 mins from our house so my husband can still leave before 8pm for his night job.

My Jazzercise class is AWESOME!!! I haven't had that much fun and smiled so much during a workout-truly!! The instructor Cindy probably thinks I'm nuts!! I never get to go to group classes because of family responsibilities, so I typically work out at home alone, which I love to do because its my quiet personal time. But it's been awesome these past 2 weeks to be able to leave the house and sweat, dance and have fun with energetic fun ladies. The instructor is truly amazing!! She starts and ends class exactly on time! Both weeks routines have been different-she teaches 6 days a week-wow! She cues us perfectly and as far as I can tell, doesn't make any mistakes. We do straight cardio, one song immediately after another for 45-50 mins straight. Then we use hand weights and a yoga mat for strength and core exercises for the last 10-12 mins of class. We also  have stretching at the end which feels great!

The music is turned up and great song selections, and its just ladies in the class so I feel like I can just relax and let loose. Sometimes I get confused with the steps the instructor is trying to teach us, but overall I seem to be catching on really quick and can do most of the moves. I know doing Turbofire has helped me ALOT with my lack of dance coordination. In fact, Cindy came up to me last night and said she was watching me and that I'm doing a great job and I'm catching on fast. Woot woot for me!! :-) I told her I was really enjoying class and she said she can tell. Probably because I'm hoping around the room smiling like a fool. LOL.

Seriously though, I have REALLY enjoyed my last 2 classes. I am amazed and happy that I'm fit enough to go for 60 mins without stopping and as you can see from my pictures below, my heart rate stays up the entire time and I burn LOTS of calories. I'm so hyped up after class that I end up not going to bed for several hours. I guess its like an exercise high. Which I was hoping I would get these last several months with running, that I never did. oh well. I have finally found my 3 "soul mate" workouts that put a smile on my face and that I look forward to doing!! Turbofire/Turbojam by Chalene Johnson, Les Mills Body Pump and now Jazzercise. I'm hoping that when my class ends in December, I can convince my husband that I need to sign up for another round of classes. :-)

Anyone else done a Jazzercise class? What did you think about it?

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