Monday, October 27, 2014

week 4 recap of #30daywalkoff #LeslieSansone challengeand #livingandactive challenge by #peak313

Just ended week 4 of my October fitness challenges.

First, I'm following my 30 day Leslie Sansone Walking challenge (found here: )

and the Peak313 5-week exercise/spiritual challenge (found here: )

10/19 - 10/25 workouts for the week:

Rest Day

(45) mins/3 miles Leslie Sansone, (25) mins Jillian Michaels level 2

(60) mins Burn 30, Firm 30 Leslie Sansone

(30) mins/2 miles Leslie Sansone

(1 hr 15 mins)/5 miles Leslie Sansone

(23) mins Level 2 Jillian Michaels, (30) mins new Leslie Sansone dvd
2 hours at the local Pumpkin patch with lots of walking! 

Rest Day

I had a good week!!
Logged all of my food for the entire week and stayed between 1300-1400 calories. I weighed myself and haven't lost anything in 2 weeks though. :-(
I only have one more week left of my Leslie Sansone challenge and about 1.5 weeks left of the dietbet challenge to lose 6.6 pounds. I'm still working hard, but doubt I will make meet that weight loss goal. Boooo!!

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