Monday, October 27, 2014

Sleep Number mattress store review from a Smiley360 blogger

I went to my local Sleep Number store and spent over one hour with a great salesman.

He showed me and my husband 3 different style beds. He explained the difference between all three and asked our opinions about them. I liked the pillow top P5 the best!

We also got to try out 2 different pillows which I loved! I will definitely be going back and buying one! It felt really good on my neck and head because it was contoured.

The salesman explained in great detail about the Sleep IQ technology and what specifics it shows on the screen for each individual.

He figured out mine and my husbands sleep number and showed us pictures of our sleeping posture in the bed and how the bed number affects our body.

It was a very good, informative experience. He gave us 4 pricing quotes since I requested them for my personal information.

The Sleep Number® bed is the only bed that lets you track and optimize your sleep with SleepIQ™ technology. Sensors work directly with Sleep Number® DualAir™ technology inside the Sleep Number bed to measure your average breathing rate, average heart rate and movement to track how you’re sleeping.

SleepIQ™ technology provides a simple and intuitive way to know more about your sleep. It tracks your sleep and provides information you can use to make adjustments to your SLEEP NUMBER® setting or daily routine. Best of all, it empowers you so you can achieve your best possible sleep, night after night.

And SleepIQ™ couldn’t be easier to use. Nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. All you have to do is sleep.

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**By going to the Sleep Number store and posting my experience on my blog and other social media, I will be sent a complimentary pillow from Smiley360 and Sleep Number. All opinions and pictures are my own**

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