Friday, October 3, 2014

Fitness Friday Link up-September exercise recap

I am linking up to Fitness Friday here with my post:

Here is a recap of my workouts for September 15-20 and September 22-27 to finish up the month of September. The last 3 weeks of September I was dealing with a pinched nerve/sore back so I've had to take it easy with my workouts and light on my strength training.

Monday 15th
(35) mins of Slim in 6-Ramp it up

Tuesday 16th
(48) mins of Jazzercise

Wednesday 17th
(47) mins of TurboJam

Thursday 18th

Friday 19th
(43) mins of TurboJam, (11) mins of Leslie Sansone

Saturday 20th
(45) mins of Rollerskating, (10) mins outside walking

Monday  22nd
(30) mins of TurboJam, (21) mins of Leslie Sansone

Tuesday 23rd
(29) mins of Leslie Sansone, (24) mins Level 1 Beginner Shred

Wednesday 24th
(17) mins of Leslie Sansone, (25) mins The Firm, (8) mins Elliptical

Thursday 25th
(25) mins level 2 Beginner Shred, (28) Level 1 Shred it Kettlbell

Friday 26th
(15) mins of Leslie Sansone, (24) mins level 3 Beginner Shred

I enjoyed doing some of my older dvds like TurboJam, as well as trying some new workout dvds, like Jillian Michaels.

I'm finally feeling better after icing, resting, getting another work office chair, and going to the chiropractor. I'm ready to rock my fitness challenges in October!

What are your fitness goals for October? 

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  1. You're a workout machine! Love it! I'm trying the new to me no-goals approach this month. You will rock your challenges!