Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is the Victoria Secret Sports line for the average fitness woman? #VSSportBra plus a GIVEAWAY!

Last month I was suppose to receive a box from Influenster containing a complimentary sports bra and pair of bottoms from Victoria Secret Sport line for blog review. I was SUPER excited but after 6 weeks and multiple emails later, was told there was a mix up and I would not be receiving my box.

I had already been preparing my blog post and pictures since I have been using the VS sport line for at least a year now, so I  decided to post a VS sports review anyway even though this post is now NOT affliated with a product review for Influenster.

These are my personal pictures and experiences with the VS sports line and I have personally paid for all my items. I have the angel CC bill to prove it! ;-)

Did you know that Victoria Secret even had a sports line?

They started it a couple years ago and to be honest, when I got the catalog showing their sports line,  I wondered if they were just overpriced clothes. I decided to buy some crop bottoms and I've been buying them ever since!!

I love to buy them when they have coupons or during the semi-annual sales. I mostly wear VS sports bottoms, as well as Old Navy active line.

I exercise every day so it's VERY important to me that the clothes fit, wash well, and hold up! I hate spending money on clothes that I have to keep adjusting or that wear out after a couple of uses. I also LOVE that the VS bottoms dont show sweating in personal areas and don't show my underwear underneath. I know they are expensive, but I find them well worth the money!

I love my crops so much, that I've gotten a couple VS tanks as well as just started buying their new incredible sports bras that launched a couple months ago.

I went to my local store last month and was so happy to see a small selection of the sports line!

This is my new sports bra that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I am really picky about my bras because (1) even though I'm small, I don't want a push up bra when I'm trying to workout! (2) I need adjustible straps because I have a longer torso and I actually get neck strain when my bra straps are too tight (3) because I'm small (36b) I like to have light padding. I've been using the VS pink yoga sports bras, but they recently changed the style to be more pushup style so I was so happy to see this new line!


For some reason, there are some negative reviews about the zipper. I haven't had any problems with zipping it up or staying in place. You have to use both hands to zip it up though.

(from their website) Fit tip: Make sure the zipper locks into place! Pull the zipper firmly into the zipper box and hold securely as you zip upwards. Place the fabric zipper cover over the zipper box for ultimate comfort.

These are the crops that I adore! seriously-best thing ever!

I am in between the medium (8/10) and large (12/14) because of my larger hips/butt, but I hate pulling up my bottoms around my waist, so I chose to wear size mediums so they are snug on me. 

I'm 5 feet, 4 inches so one thing I've found is that sometimes "crops" will look longer on me which I hate because I mine as well wear leggings. So another thing I love is the length of these crops. They fit me just below my knee. 

I also love that they sit on my waist. I have had 2 kids (1 was a c-section) and I've lost over 75 pounds so I have some stomach fat that I don't like jiggling around. The crops have great compression with holding the fat in and being comfortable and flattering. and when I bend down, no one will see my butt or underwear! ;-)   


I've pinned some items on my Pinterest boad if you're interested:

So in answer to my beginning question-is the VS sports line for the average fitness woman? I say ABSOLUTLY!! I'm obviously not skinny-I still have alot of weight to lose. But I love waking up every morning to workout in great fitting, great quaility exercise clothes that make me feel sexy and confident!

Are you ready for a GIVEAWAY?? 

You can win (USA only):

-a new HUGE VS sport duffle,
-medium resistance tubing (I will be removing them from the box for cheaper shipping),
-samples of Delta Labs Hair skin and nails supplement,
-2 Ellie hairbands,
-Fresh feet wipes sample,
-VS small lotion.

All fun things to get your started on your fitness journey!

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  1. We Work out at home. She likes Danskin.

  2. I had been curious about their line because they have great sales, but I have always been wary of their ability to actually hold up. Good to know they can!

  3. I work out from home...actually going to do my workout right now! :)

  4. I literally JUST bought one of these! I had a coupon for a $30 sorts bra with purchase of another bra. I said why not! I can't wait to try it!!! Thanks for the locking zipper tip :)

  5. I work out at home, we don't really have a gym close enough that I would actually go very often.

  6. I like my sweats and my wife loves lululemon

  7. The sports bra looks great! I like the front opening style. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  8. So far I only have Danskin from Walmart but hoping for nicer ones as I would only rate them as fair...

  9. I only work out at home. Closest gym is 30 minutes away.

  10. I mostly work out at home, or hit local hiking trails!

  11. I don't have a lot of exercise clothes, but of what I do have the pieces from Ellie and Old Navy are my favorites.