Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#OrigamiOwl #HollyJollyBoxofHappy contents review *** Origami Owl Designer kit!

I got my Origami Owl
Designer Kit last night!! 

and I LOVE IT!!! 

My friend is coming over tonight so I will be going thru it again in more detail, but I wanted to post some pictures and the contents of my box.

This is what it looked like when I opened it. So organized and neat!
Lots of business materials and catalogs. Can't wait to read thru them all. 

Trays and dishes to hold charms. (one of my dishes came broken-sad) 

3 Living Lockets-
1 large black locket with crystals for a necklace (LK1018),
1 medium rose gold link locket for watch style bracelet (LK3021), and
1 large twist silver base (LK4002)  with 1 large twist silver face with Pave crystals (BZ4004)

Other items all organized into little boxes! 
Got several charms (including holiday LE), dangles, earrings, plates, tags, and a couple chains to coordinate with the living lockets above. 

and I even got my own designer charm!! CUTE!!

This pair of earrings was on my wish list so I was so excited I got them in my kit!
Vintage Rose Crystal Stud Collection (ER3016) SO PRETTY!! 

These are the Holiday Limited Edition charms for this year.
I love the gingerbread girl and snowglobe the best. 

If you're interested in purchasing anything in the Origami Jewelry Fall or Holiday catalog, visit my facebook event here:

or website link here to order:

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